It's a level below stealing, where you take something that has no price tag and is not for sale from somewhere. It's completely legal but you still have to be careful not to get caught. You can use whatever you take for your own enjoyment, but you can return it from where you took it if no one knows you actually removed it in the first place.
1. Did you see the cake that we freestyled from the dessert display? The waiter didn't even know it was missing!
2. I'm going to freestyle that golf cart as soon as the owner looks the other way.
3. Let's freestyle some toilet paper from the girl's room and tp Ali's locker!
by Torie27 November 20, 2006
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Freestyling is when an MC flows with lyrics right off the top of his or her head. It is inpromptu and spontaneous and only the most creative rhymers can do it well. It is also a kind of competition between MC's because you have to be good to bust a good freestyle. It helps to keep MCs on their toes too, because it is like practice.
"We gonna do a little freestyle for y'all, and it go like this" -- Schoolly D (Cuttin' and scratchin').
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY February 12, 2005
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a freestyle is a rap that is produced from the top of ones head usually fast paced and used to pick up a sheila at a party.
these mecees fall around me like rain coz im the one with the brain been numb to pain u cant break whats broken cats hate me coz im outspoken im kikin the set while ur on stage chokin man gotta be jokin.example of a freestyle.
by korrekt November 06, 2006
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when you got a beat or no beat. you bust a flow right there at that time.
called freestyle cuz you cant do it again, also like freestlye braids, cant do it again.
my name is yong xing,
kno me as freestyle king.
by yong xing liang May 05, 2004
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A group of artists that create solid music but too much ego and jealousy consumed them and team work or participation is never encountered unless a hefty ransom is probably met. Freestyle music died but not on boards like clubfreestyle.com where only a handful of it's members believe that freestyle is very much alive.

Miss thang: "I won't perform unless you pay me this."

Mr thang: "You crazy! Do you know who I am? I made a hit remember? I'm part of the freestyle movement I made freestyle what is is today. By the way pay me my cash."
by Payfatluvjoeypig February 12, 2006
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Poems that are supposed to flow of the tongue; usually used to put someone down but can also be used as a club entry pass. And by the way, Mr. Rogers says hi.
when lil kids stickin rhymes on this website/
writin their shit down, sayin it's tight/
not supposed to use a guide, don't write while u ride/
get Mr. Rogers of 'a u n try again when ur hed rite.

I had to use the word 'freestyle' in a sentence.
by Perfectionist Felons April 21, 2006
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Freestyle: to drive your car eccentrically, who, two, you, foo
freestyle: with style and grace, off the road, in your face, through time and space, with a goose covering second base
by Zachary Van. Zarr January 03, 2015
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