Someone that you let go first to make sure it is safe. Used sometimes by video-gamers. For instance, when the canary gets killed, springs the trap, takes the fall etc, it will tell you where the dangers/enemies are. Origin: coal miners used to keep a canary in the mine, when it died they knew there was poison gas.
Looks dangerous in there, let the canary go first.
by author December 27, 2006
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Female singer, especially in the Big Band/Swing era.
Anita O'Day started off as a canary in the Krupa band, but she really hit her stride later as a jazz soloist.
by Nick Cusa September 20, 2006
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a small songbird from the finch family. they can be found in the wild in places such as the canary islands but they are also bred for domestic pets. only the males sing. they come in many varieties of colours and types.
my canary can sing beautifully.
by little miss shy May 19, 2007
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a) to speed up when one sees a yellow light
b) to drive in a generally dangerous manner
ie: on the Old Jamestown Bridge
Rhody's (Rhode Islanders), and Mass-holes are well known for pulling a 'Canary' and that is part of the reason why they are well known for being the worst drivers in the world
by Keavy January 9, 2006
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A word used to describe yellow diamonds.
That canary was so big, I thought it was a frozen lemonhead.
by Harry Bozak April 18, 2007
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"man, I'm just missing the green wave, I keep canary-ing these lights"
by dub-k January 9, 2006
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Within tight circles of friends of lash artists and professional poppers of all things to be consumed the forerunner in such activities is the canary. When the canary snuffs it, do not allow time to mourn, just run as fast as your semi-jaundiced arse will allow to a world of self-righteous sobriety.
Shit Dan the canary is dead. Better make mine a half.
by Wedwow April 18, 2007
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