Fashy means Fascism-like, or to be full of fascism. Similiar to other slang terms like "jazzy" and "flashy." The term originated in the mid 2010's on various social media sites, specifically used by the individuals involved with the "Alternative Right" or "Alt-Right," an umbrella term for the political movement uproaring from the populist parties and politicians, consisting of tech-savy and right-leaning young people from various Western countries . Although the movement isn't always associated with Fascism, the term Fashy is still derived from that patricular political ideology. Typically the term is not used to describe the populist parties and politicians that the alt-right follows, although one might use the term to describe them as such, but is encouraged to be used only for fascist-centered ideas for the sake of scholarship that the alt-right demographic is associated with.
A woman of the alt-right who is pro-fascism might say "look at these sexy Fashy men!" with a picture of men from Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. Whereas an alt-right individual more in line with libertarian or republican ideals might say "censoring speech is too Fashy!"
by FRESHShaZaM July 12, 2016
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Like a fascist, an idea or person who shows traits associated with this authoritarian form of governance. Dedicated nationalism, strict monitoring and surveillance of behaviour, interventionist politics are but a few possible indicators. Individuals are often characterised by a willingness to relinquish personal and social freedom for an increased sense of security. The word has been adopted/was introduced by various groups of 'conservative' people as a part of the "I'm just straight up with you bro" persona that characteristically masks deep held fears of uncertainty. And again, fascism, think Mussolini, this is not something to be proud to be associated with. Please!
That guy on YouTube who hates black people called himself a fashy goy, what the hell does that mean?
by Save the internet! August 17, 2018
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A term my girlfriend coined when noticing a fashionable pair of jeans. She's Chinese and her English isn't perfect but I loved the term 'fashy' so much I thought I'd add it in here.

Simply put, Fashy is the short n cute way to to describe anything fashionable.
Hey, that dress is kinda fashy!
Those jeans are real fashy!
by Gary n Marcia Hicks :P June 17, 2006
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To forget, neglect, disregard something or someo
1A: You didn't talk to him again .

B: Fashy him. I am moving on.
2. Fashy those books we are running late already .
3. I fashiedthe clothes I wasn't with enough money on me.
by HotChocolate🔥 September 10, 2017
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Being, unapologetically, both fashionable and trashy.
You're so fashy rocking those fucked up shoes of yours.
by W1ll1s August 20, 2017
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Short of "Fascist", same way "Commie" is short of "Communist" and "Cappie" is short of "Capitalist."
Since we have "commie" and "cappie" as shorts of communist and capitalist, so it is ok to have fashie as short of fascist.
by Full Monteirism January 1, 2021
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To forget purposely about something bad that happened.

Past tense: Fashied
Ore: Guy! I asked Joy out.
Chi: what did she say?
Ore: she just laughed and walked away.
Chi: Shit guy! Just fashi her.
by Orenzyie February 8, 2018
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