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Someone who disagrees with you politically
(Insert political figure here) is a racist, sexist, fascist pig
by Grammar Hilter April 6, 2022
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What whiny white girls on twitter call you when you disagree with their ideals in any way, shape or form.
Ugh, he's saying Antifa is as violent as The Proud Boys? What a fascist.
by SenorKnuckledragger December 15, 2020
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Someone who disagrees with you politically
What you think that guns are gay your a fascist
by Grammar Hilter June 11, 2022
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Fascist means absolute nothing in brazilian's context. It is all due left groups. So, every time you have nothing to argue and lost your mind, use Fascist as your last action to offend someone else.
Why do you believe Taxes are not a crime against citizens?

- It doesn't matter. You're a such Fascist.
But I'm just trying to understand why do you advocate Taxes and government existence...
- I don't speak with Fascist!!
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The 21st century equivalent of someone who mildly disagrees with you on a minute topic, and not a hyper-nationalist war machine
My friend disagreed with me the other day about which Call of Duty game was the best. I don’t speak to him anymore because I don’t speak with Fascist scum of the earth, less than human filth like him.
by WaywardWind27 November 20, 2021
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When, in an argument, a person says something that's unpopular or not in favour of Left Wing talking points.

Or a term often used by Left Wing people when they're losing in a debate.
I think a fraction of BLM protests is being used by communists to spread their propaganda
Shut up, fascist!
by TheAnnoyingNihilist July 7, 2020
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Any political enemy that doesn’t agree with you in some regard, in which you desire to so tear down their political movement that you wish to destroy it, them and all people in that movement at all costs.
“That fascist doesn’t support burning down buildings and shooting people - we’ll kill him later this week.”
by Emma Does Dallas September 2, 2020
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