As in an idviudal who has capital, be it property, natural resources, means of production or labor, all of which constitute capital. In modern usage, meant to signify someone who believes or participates in a capitalist economic system, in which labor, capital, or other resources are bartered for paper currency which can be used to by whichever othe form of capital the currency holder desires. Capitalist also signifies someone who wishes to avoid excessive government involvement or regulation in this system of capital bartering.
"The United States economy is a Capitalist rather then a communist economy"
-Economics textbook
"Globalization is run by capitalist pigs, but us potsmoking unwashed student types are going to stand up to your opression by eating granola instead of Lucky Charms and drinking strained carrot juice instead of Pepsi. To show our opposition to your evil capitalist establishment, we will act morally superior at all times, be very depressed about the state of the world, and occasionally go to protests and carry signs"
-Spolied children of upper middle class parents
by Bran the Man December 20, 2004
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Someone who does not understand how capitals are used in the English language, and as such, capitalizes every word in a sentence.
Jboyy: What Do You Mean I'm A Capitalist? I Live In Europe. We Are A Socialist Country. Duh
by spenar.hedra2 June 11, 2009
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Traitors that doesn't understand the true way that Marx wrote for all of humanity
Oi Ivan, its some Capitalist scum
by TrueSlavGopnik October 4, 2018
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Someone who eats penis, and afterwords, denies doing so. This person follows a corrupt from of government in which the rich flourish and survive, while the poor and middle classes suffer. Capitalists also seem to think that poor people choose to be poor, and that life is only worth living if you have more money than everyone else.
guy1: dude did you see that capitalist eating penis?!
guy2: yeah. i'm sure glad i'm not a capitalist!
by communist2369 August 3, 2009
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One who supports the ideals of a capitalistic or free society. Such a society has no restrictions on what individuals may do aside from initiating force against other individuals. Therefore, no one may harm or steal from another.

This allows for a very large degree of individual freedom, as people may do anything that they so choose so long as no one else is harmed. It also results in a strong economy, as people are only able to consume as much as they are able to produce. Therefore, no one becomes burdensome or a "drain" on society. Anyone who is unable to produce enough to survive is helped by others through charities as opposed to taxation (or theft).
The United States of America is not a capitalist country. No capitalist country exists today. However, the countries closest to capitalism tend to have the most success.

A capitalist society is a free society.

Socialists hate capitalism because they fear liberty.
by FreeThinkingRadical February 21, 2008
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Freedom to sell your company, or large amount of stocks to Communist Party of China (CPC).
Freedom to serve only Communist (Majority Chinese) , and to Communist's interest only.
After that, (CPC) owns one extra big company, just like how Communism works
Capitalism = Communism, Galaxy Brain Play
Under the temptation of CPC's golden dick, many capitalist companies in America sold theirs to CPC. Giving up their democracy values, limiting the freedom of speech of every customers, and agreeing to China's brutal murder of their people who oppose with CPC. What a joke.
by WinnieThePoohXi October 8, 2019
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A person who decides where the capital letters should be placed in a passage of text. Words that are not important, like "Jesus" "God" and "Bible" do not deserve the capital letters and therefore this capitalist is a dictator capital letter-ist.
RS teacher: Where is the capital letters in "Jesus"
Jimmy: I am a capitalist! They don't deserve my capitals!!!
by Coca cola addict March 12, 2021
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