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1) To be wearing (ebonics)

2) To be ecletic music

3) To throw a barrade of rocks at object or person.
"Dad was rocking his new sweater yesterday."

"Features a rocking soundtrack"

"We were rocking out that old car"
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
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Usually goes with the word 'it' afterwards, you must make clear what 'it' is. To be rocking (it) means that you are using something or doing something, or 'going with' something, be it a weapon on a video game or an object or thing in real life. It depends on what 'it' is. you must make clear what it is that you are 'rocking,' in order for 'rocking' to be used as a phrase in context and everyday conversation.

It can also refer to an item of clothing or a particular fashion look. It can be used to describe someone who is doing really well at something too.

(for a video game it can also be another way of saying 'Im running with this...' for example for C.O.D it's like saying 'Im running with this class...' Instead you say 'Im rocking the sniper class for this game...' etc.)
For a video game: (eg. playing cod)

-Hey man how are you doing so good?
-I'm rocking the sniper class and the chopper gunner for my killstreak thats how!

To describe someone doing well: (eg. playing rugby in real life)

-Hey i've scored 5 tries so far!
-Wow man you are seriously rocking it today!!

For clothes: (eg. Fashion, outfits etc.)

-Dude you look great for the fancy dress party tonight! That looks awesome!
-Yeah thanks man, I'm rocking the 'Elvis Presley' look tonight!
by NiceGuyTryinaHelp October 09, 2012
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1. Moving back and forth, especially in a chair.
2. The act of blowing an audience's mind through a musical performance.
3. Being of greatly above average quality.
4. Using crack cocaine.
1. Due to the terrible storm, the ship was rocking in the sea.
2. The band was rocking so hard they blew my mind!
3. Hey Stan, when are you gonna make some more of those rocking burgers with the little chunky things in them?
4. He may sleep it off in jail tonight, but he'll be rocking again tomorrow.
by MightyDave March 14, 2006
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The act of engaging in intercourse when near a rock. This may beat scissor but never beats paper.. Papering is L33t, and should be used more often since theres so many fucking trees.
If this rock's a rocking don't come a knocking...
by Dr. MapleMilk June 07, 2010
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Means β€œtaking a shit”

(Careful what context you use it in because can be misunderstood..)
Friend: Hey what took you so long?
Me: Oh sorry i was rocking... ahah
Friend: oh shit man.. I understand
by SommerRayyy January 04, 2020
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