1) To be wearing (ebonics)

2) To be ecletic music

3) To throw a barrade of rocks at object or person.
"Dad was rocking his new sweater yesterday."

"Features a rocking soundtrack"

"We were rocking out that old car"
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
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The word given when someone is leading the way
dude the captain is rocking !
by matt reinhard September 10, 2005
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1. Moving back and forth, especially in a chair.
2. The act of blowing an audience's mind through a musical performance.
3. Being of greatly above average quality.
4. Using crack cocaine.
1. Due to the terrible storm, the ship was rocking in the sea.
2. The band was rocking so hard they blew my mind!
3. Hey Stan, when are you gonna make some more of those rocking burgers with the little chunky things in them?
4. He may sleep it off in jail tonight, but he'll be rocking again tomorrow.
by MightyDave March 15, 2006
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To sell drugs.
Or to ask someone to sell you drugs.
Matt: K dudes, i gotta peace. Im going out Rocking.


Gerry: Yo Matt, you rocking?
Matt: Yee, what ya need?
Gerry: Half-Quarter of Ganja.
by Luccini October 2, 2007
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Rocking: the art of stuffing your bra, but doing so in the most terrible fashion that it appears rocks are bulging out of your shirt, hence the term, "rocking."
Megan Fox was rocking her shirt at the AMA Golden Awards.
by A. Travis February 17, 2014
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originates from the song Fergalicious sang by, shock, Fergie. It means to make a person of the male specimen excited...down there

aka to make them hard. rock? hard? get it? HAAaaa!
Fergie: I blow kisses, that puts them boys on rock, rock

Random Ho #1: I totally put him on rock-rock while we were grinding to that song
Random Ho #2: You slut! Can we get drunk and pass out again now?
by _God December 10, 2006
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the male genitalia in its aroused state, a sexually excited male.
That redheaded girl is so fine, she had me on rock rock with a quickness.
by Nolezfan December 20, 2006
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