a phrase/reaction to something that is strange/abnormal to the person/you, usually when you see some weird shit.
Matt:what the hell? Mike & Angela are kissing?
Daren:now that's some weird shit, what the hell.
by a wild bandaid May 7, 2017
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I see a crowd who focus on a person in the road. So i ask my friend who is in there: "What the hell in here"
by Trang Nguyen November 5, 2005
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A phrase used to express anger, surprise or ecstasy and to replace the word "what". (Note: this word may be considered rude by some people and should be avoided in both speech and writing. A kinder way to use this is "what the heck".
What the hell?! That guy just fricking lost his bat when he already had 2 outs! Is he mad?
by Xxdeurbanmeme4xX April 23, 2019
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when someone say something weird and you say what the hell???? See What the fuck
Person1: walking "all of a sudden" im gay

bystander; WHAT THE HELL??
by jake fool May 13, 2007
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expression of surprise. incregulous. shocked. Eqivalent to saying "what on earth" or "What Gives".
Considered a swear in some backward remote religious communities, like Texass.
man sees car crash: What the hell.
wife: 10% off ?! i'll get 2.
husband: what the hell.
by GodsLacky December 18, 2009
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stupidperson: hilary duff rox!
me: what the hell?! are u drunk? she sux!
by Liza! May 31, 2006
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commonly used by people named olivia
"what the hell!"
by mark is god December 10, 2022
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