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Made ass arguments is a term used to refer to arguments during a debate or discussion or arguing that are actually simply arguments used for ridicule someone or shame someone, usually united with argumentative falacies and logical falacies. Made ass arguments are usually used on political and religious debates / arguings on internet, where this form of argumentation is usually normal.
I am not going to "debate" politics on internet because literally everyone just use made ass arguments on those "debates".
by Full Monteirism December 16, 2020
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Made-up Pathologism is the idea about make mental illnesses only with political, social and / or scientific interests and goals, mainly focused on criminalize certain social or political group, mainly related to minorities and religious-spiritual ones.
Made-up Pathologism is advocated by so many psychologists and psychiatrists even nowadays, things such as homosexualism, transexualism, LGBT as mental illness and majority of the things considered as delusions are examples of made-up pathologies
by Full Monteirism December 22, 2020
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Post-Spacetime is a hypothesis and a stance that holds that there are things beyond spacetime and that those things should be studied and explored, often seeking on the exploration of what's beyond spacetime and seeking on develop means to study what's beyond that. Furthermore, post-spacetime can also refer to the idea of superation of the spacetime and to evolve humanity into a post-spacetime civilization and societies who lives beyond spacetime. Post-spacetime also supports theories such as extraterrestrials exists beyond spacetime and they already created means to exist and live beyond spacetime and it also holds that extraphysics and extraphysical mechanics might be useful to explain what's beyond spacetime and that being extraphysical means being beyond spacetime. Where extraphysical life, extraphysical civilizations and extraphysical societies are life, civilizations and societies that exist beyond spacetime and that extraphysicalism and extramaterialism are philosophies that deals with what's beyond spacetime, and where spirituality, religion, esoterics and occultism are forms do deal what's beyond spacetime and they might be useful to explain what's beyond spacetime. Post-spacetime also holds that multiverses and other dimensions exist beyond spacetime and that's the why it's literally impossible to detect them, also supporting epistemological pluralism in order to study what's beyond spacetime.
"The post-spacetime hypothesis is really great, sadly it might take some time until become mainstream, but while it doesn't happen, it's just develop it even more for become mainstream itself."
by Full Monteirism May 26, 2021
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The Post-Spacetime Aliens Theory, shortened as PStAT or as PSAT, is a theory that holds that extraterrestrial life exists beyond spacetime, where majority of literally all intelligent extraterrestrial life forms evolved into beyond spacetime by spiritual and/or technological means. PSAT also believes that extraterrestrials often get contact with humans since they are beyond spacetime and they can control spacetime and know how to be beyond spacetime as well. PSAT also support that the Extraphysical Aliens Theory is the same as PSAT but focusing more on the spiritual and esoteric part. Post-Spacetime Aliens Theory also seeks on the development of post-spacetimeism in order to explore what's beyond spacetime and it supports that there are more things beyond spacetime we could imagine and we should look for it, since exploration of what's beyond spacetime is valid and should be encouraged and better developed.
"The Post-Spacetime Aliens Theory is a good theory and it might be useful to understand how aliens are and what we should do for look for them."
by Full Monteirism May 28, 2021
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Post-Spacetime Civilization is a name of a kind of civilization that managed to overcome the spacetime amd managed to exist beyond spacetime, literally becoming an extraphysical civilization. Post-spacetime civilization is a kind of extraphysical civilization, since it exists beyond spacetime and it managed to overcome the spacetime somehow, mainly by technology or by spirituality, and it exists at extraphysical level, both terms can be used to refer to extraphysical civilizations beyond spacetime, but post-spacetime civilizations managed to overcome spacetime, while extraphysical civilizations simply exist at extraphysical level.
"The concepts of post-spacetime civilization and extraphysical civilizations might be really useful in order to explain the existence of aliens and intelligent life beyond Earth as well, but it might take some time until those ideas become mainstream, together with extraphysical mechanics, bioextraphysics, psychoextraphysics, neuroextraphysics, extraphysicalism, post-spacetimeism, spiritualicism, deistology and ideas related to them."
by Full Monteirism June 07, 2021
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Post-Spacetime Extranaturalism, also Post-Spacetime Supernaturalism, is a philosophical worldview that holds that the supernatural, also extranatural and paranormal, exists beyond spacetime, where several or all elements related to religion, spirituality, esoterics, occultism, metaphysics and extraphysics, such as spirits, souls, consciousness, afterlife, reincarnation, extraphysical mechanics, divinity, gods, deities, spiritual beings and extraphysical life forms exist beyond spacetime and cannot be determined by things inside spacetime, but they can be felt, experienced and even accessed in spacetime, and, in some cases, bring to the spacetime by some means, such as spiritual means and technological means. Post-Spacetime extranaturalism also believes in post-spacetime extraphysicalism and post-spacetime extramaterialism, where both, extraphysicalism and extramaterialism are about what’s beyond spacetime and they are excellent to determine things beyond spacetime. Post-Spacetime Extranaturalism also rejects any notion and idea of naturalism, physicalism and materialism since it considers there are things beyond spacetime and it says there are 99,9% of chances to exist life, properties and things beyond spacetime, such as spiritual beings, gods, deities, aliens and even things as souls, spirits, consciousness, afterlife, spiritual worlds, spiritual realities, multiverses and other extraphysical things as well.
Post-Spacetime Extranaturalism is an interesting theory, it might be good on the understanding of what’s beyond spacetime and even encourage people to study what’s beyond spacetime, even it might take a lot of time until post-spacetime studies and technology start to being developed.”
by Full Monteirism June 01, 2021
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Post-Spacetime Extraphysicalism is an extraphysicalist philosophy that holds that extraphysics are about everything that's beyond spacetime and that what's beyond spacetime can influence the spacetime in a way that natural sciences cannot realize or detect that. Post-Spacetime Extraphysicalism also supports that extraphysical mechanics, psychoextraphysics and extraphysics are about the interaction between the beyond spacetime with the spacetime and that everything, or at least majority of the things related to spirituality, religion, esoterics and occultism exist beyond spacetime such as souls, spirits, consciousness, afterlife, gods, spiritual beings, spiritual worlds, multiverses, other dimensions and so on, and that there's 99,9% of chance that those actually exist beyond spacetime and that it's possible to superate spacetime by reaching a high level of being or by technology or by both.
"Post-Spacetime Extraphysicalism is a good way to start with the development of the exploration of what's beyond spacetime such as the understanding of the existence beyond spacetime and even lead into the advancement of humanity into what's beyond spacetime as well."
by Full Monteirism June 02, 2021
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