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Technomediumship is the idea about automatize mediumship, in other words, to create technology able to channelize spiritual beings and other spiritual things. Technomediumship is considered as one of the main concepts inside technodeism and extraphysicism. Since with technomediumship it would be able to search for spiritual beings and for spiritual live in an easy and measurable way.
"Nowadays, so many mediums are advocating technomediumship, because with technomediumship they would be able to completely automatize mediumship and finally be recognized as a spiritual group, besides have recognition by science and technology."

"Technomediumship would be amazing for robots, androids and transhumans be able to have mediumship in an amazing and peculiar way."
by Full Monteirism January 1, 2021
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Psychoequalism is a social movement that advocates psychodiversity (the range of differences in individual minds, consciounesses, spirits and souls, regarded as part of normal variation in the human population) and psychoequality (all individual minds, consciounesses, spirits and souls are equal), where psychodiversity and psychoequality are parts of everyday life and where it's part of bioequality, biodiversity, bioequalism, neuroequality, neurodiversity and neuroequalism. Psychoequalism also seeks for philosophical, sociological, psychological, neurological and scientific explanations and arguments for justify psychoequalism.
"Psychoequalism is part of neuroequalism and psychoequalism, all three are equally based and show how we are all equal and one, and we should unite ourselves for a better world and planet."

"Psychoequalism and neuroequalism are literally the same, psychoequalism deals with the mind/spirit and neuroequalism deals with the brain."
by Full Monteirism February 20, 2021
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Psychiatric capitalism, also psychiatric neoliberalism, is a term used to refer to the idea majority of mental health services, such as psychology and psychiatry, actually works for capitalism and neoliberalism, creating mental illnesses in order to increase the capitalism inside mental health. The term is heavily used to refer to what DSM and NIMH actually do.
"Psychiatric capitalism is a serious problem, it lead into things like psychiatrizationism, psychiatrism and scientific centrism."

"Anarcho-scientism would be good to counter psychiatric capitalism and scientific centrism... The problem is how to do it."
by Full Monteirism January 24, 2021
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Spiritual Anunnology, also Esoteric Anunnology, is a field of Anunnology that studies the spiritual and esoteric parts and characteristics of Anunnaki. Spiritual Anunnology also studies anunnaki spirituality, religion, esoterics and philosophy, and often works together with Empirical Anunnology in order to rebuild how their religion, spirituality, philosophy and esoterics were and are.
"Spiritual Anunnology is really important inside Anunnology itself in order to understand the spirituality of Anunnas themselves."
by Full Monteirism June 2, 2021
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Extraphysical Level Theory if a framework theory inside extraphysical mechanics that uses ideas and mathematics for advocates that there are actually N levels (dimensions / worlds) inside extraphysical mechanics, starting with the material level, that could be the level 0 or level 1 and going into the level n. But, there is a point on those n levels that they simply start to make no difference and simply start to become a stabilized void, this start level is called "divine level" and the void it is called "divine void", where it simply keeps expanding but the difference (variable) among the levels is zero or almost zero.
"I am studying about extraphysical level theory, and it is a completely crazy theory, even more crazier than string theory and superquantum mechanics, but it makes a bit sense if you look into its maths."

"Extraphysical Level Theory actually shows the possibility of existence of spiritual worlds and of heavens, but also, we cannot forget there is also Negative Extraphysical Level Theroy that it deals with -n levels below the 0 level (the material level), creating the negative divine level and the negative divine void."

"Extraphysical Level Theory is a mindblowing for me such as the whole Extraphysical Mechanics thing."
by Full Monteirism January 2, 2021
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Tiamatism, also Tiamatianism, is the name of the cult to the goddess Tiamat, tiamatism believes that Tiamat is not an evil dragon, but that she has a lot of personalities and forms, and that she represents mother nature, mother universe and the universe and existence itself. Tiamatism also believes on the other Anunnaki gods, but keeping focused on Tiamat, and it also believes in Zuism, and also being referred as Tiamatite Zuism, a form of zuism that uses of Tiamatism as its basis. Tiamatism also believes that the natural and extranatural; physical and extraphysical; material and extraphysical are the same but on different levels of existence and on different states, and also believes on worship of nature and existence such as on the best efforts for preservate nature and existence and always focusing on reach a high level of being and always evolving spiritually, empathetically, emotionally and mentally in order to reach a high level of being and existence. Tiamatism also believes in the law of polarity and that everything on the universe and existence tend to be balanced and that chaos and order always balance between themselves and that love is the chaos.
"Tiamatism is a cool neopagan religion, mainly for the fact that it seeks to rehabilitate Tiamat and show that she's not actually an evil dragon but a primordial goddess with several faces and forms, and it's even more interesting because of Tiamatite Zuism that's an interesting form of zuism that's kinda rival but not enemy of Mardukite Zuism."
by Full Monteirism May 19, 2021
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Extraphysical Nondualism, also Extraphysical Nonduality, is an extraphysicalist philosophy and stance where it's about the realization that physics and extraphysics are the same thing and there's no dichotomy between physics and extraphysics, where physics and extraphysics acts in interaction between each other and everything physical can get extraphysical such as everything extraphysical can yet physical, and the consciousness, mind, soul, spirit and body exists at physical and extraphysical level at the same time. Extraphysical Nondualism supports that physicalism and extraphysicalism, materialism and extramaterialism and naturalism and extranaturalism are the same thing on different levels and both tries to explain the same thing on different levels of understanding of physics, extraphysics and reality as well. Extraphysical Nondualism often supports the ideas of Extraphysical Monism and Neutral Extraphysicalism despite extraphysical nondualism is also compatible with other extraphysicalist philosophies as well.
"Extraphysical Nondualism is an amazing way of understanding the world, it's an understanding level inside extraphysicalist philosophy and it might be really useful to show how extraphysicalism, physicalism, materialism, extramaterialism, naturalism and extranaturalism seek to explain the same thing on different level, despite physicalists, materialista and naturalists might not understand that so easily."
by Full Monteirism May 12, 2021
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