A word that groups other words into a single common category.
In terms of race in America "black" is an umbrella term for African-American, Jamaican, Igbo, etc. Even though these people are different, to the general public they fall under the umbrella term, "black".
by Urban Suzie February 21, 2012
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Umbrella-terming is an act of obfuscation that involves inventing terms or words that includes a set of disparate concepts (especially neoliberal gender identities) within its definition in order to prevent any attempt at arriving at a meaningful understanding of the specific individual issues. For example, using the term "oppressed" when someone speaks of improving working conditions of exploited workers, and saying that transwomen are more oppressed than factory workers.
Sarah: I'm a homosexual woman. I'm a woman who loves a woman. And i want us to have equal rights as that of regular married couples. I'm not LGBTQIA+ or whatever.
Zooey: As a translesbian, i find that deeply transphobic. Besides, it's 2SLGBTQIA+, and excluding the 2-spirited from...
Sarah: Just shut up already with your umbrella-terming! In trying to address a concrete problem!
by Class struggle memes May 23, 2023
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