singular: a person who is black
plural: people who are black
... actually, I've never seen black people. I've never seen a person who was entirely pitch black. I've a frostbitten toe that black - due to the frostbite, but never an all-black person. It's probably time that we rethink some things, huh?
by eoutlaw October 9, 2009
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as a black male reading some of the definitions about blacks on this site was very disturbing and highly offensive. I'm sure most of the people who wrote these definitions have gone solely on racial stereotypes and have not even been wronged by a black male or female. There are good and bad people of every race not just black people. education is not based on the color of your skin rather what you do with that knowledge. I'm sure if i went to any part of the world I would find an uneducated or person that eats fried chicken. I really hope one day people will change the way they look at black people. I really do.
other race: tch I bet all black people are sure to grow up and go to jail because they are all uneducated and commit crimes

black person: do you even know any black people?

other race: well...no but i hear from other people about them

black person: so what your saying is even though you have never met one, you have formed a stereotypical opinion about them

other race: yep because I'm ignorant and ready to put down an entire race of people because of what some guy told me

black person: well what if you were black and i was (other race) would you like it if I did that?

other race: hmm never thought of it that way
by aproudblackteen August 4, 2010
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Black Men Positives: Good black men have the potential to be some of the best fathers. They realize that the world views them and their families a certain way, so they try their best to raise their children to rely on themselves and the black community to prosper. Good black men are mentally strong, not believing that they are victims or better then anyone else. Good black men are smart, whether it be street smart or book smart, they will keep food on the table for their families. Good black men and good white men can have good friendships. As long as they remember virtue has no color.

Black Women Positives:
Good black women are the definition of mother lions. They will make sure that there child is taken care of before they are. They will also raise their child with a firm hand. Good black mothers worry about raising good children that no one will ever label as being less-than. Many are loud and bossy because they were raised to believe that the world will take advantage of them if they aren't strong. They won't stand for disrespect, and the smallest sign of it will set some of them off. Good black women will pull their weight in the household and then-some. Good black women and good white women can be friends as long as honesty and sensitivity are within the relationship. If you have a good black woman for a true friend you will start to understand the race much better.
Black people family

Good black man: It's three o'clock in the morning baby, what are you doing up?

Good black woman: Jamal got sick. He fell asleep in my lap and I didn't want to move and wake him up.

Good black man: Go ahead to bed. I put him back in his room.

Good black woman: That's okay baby, you've been working all day, I've got him.

Good black man: I've barely seen him today. I put little man to bed.

Good black woman: Okay, good night.

Good black man: Don't worry little man, I'll make today up to you, tomorrow it's just you and me. Good night son.
by lOvElYsOuL777 August 9, 2010
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People of any kind of dark pigmentation of African descent. Yeah, I said it: African descent. I'm black, and just because of this doesn't mean that I listen to rap. I don't use the "N" word, even though other black people think I can use it whenever I want. New Edition is an author here who says he's black, but here's what I'm thinking: NICE TRY. All the people here have the wrong definition.
by Carl........ May 17, 2009
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A race of people. They are stereotyped as being racists, thugs and eating fried chicken. These aren't necesarily true. Also, I'm absolutely positive you can meet a white, Hispanic or Asian person who loves fried chicken, is racist or commits crimes.
Asian, white, Hispanic and black people are all equal. Obviously.
by Biggie Fan September 1, 2012
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A group of people who have to put up with many stereotypes, and racial slurs. Apparently in today's society, it is wrong for a black person to get upset over the most common racial slur, nigger. Their names are constantly slandered because of the population of black people who are in gangs, or in jail.
Although Rodney has an A+ average in school, he constantly has to put up with bigots who call him a "dumb nigger" because somewhere across the country, a black person killed a white person.

"75% of black people are ignorant" a made up statistic.

Why do people put down other people because of their race? When will people realize that other people don't choose which color skin they have?
by Mynoduesp Sdrawkcab Suomynona October 20, 2010
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