A keyword used to warn your interlocutor that the statement placed thereafter is wobbly.
Dany kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet.
by HmmGilbert July 17, 2019
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kinda is a name that is spelled that way but pronounced kin-da not kinda( like kind of )
kinda is a beautiful name
by Kandoosaa February 11, 2019
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"Do you like Jim?"
"well...i kinda like him..."

"I kinda like They Might Be Giants.."
by Brittainy September 18, 2003
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Kinda - Means "A great deal" "Hell Yes" "Definitely" "No Doubt" "Absolute Certainty" but the user of the word is hesitant about commiting to the "Yes" word in order to protect their image or hide their true feelings.
Question: Do you like me?
Answer: Kinda
by GaGirl November 19, 2007
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