...smacked arse, bag of spanners, box of frogs, bulldog chewing on a wasp, smashed crab, Chernobyl Fireman's Head etc.

Ugly beyond reproach.
Dave: "That lad's got a face like a chernobyl fireman's head."
Bill: "As I understand it, he was in fact a chernobyl fireman."
Dave: "(sings) #It's a wonderful life...#" (etc)
by Bonny lad November 11, 2004
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Sour faced. miserable old sod ( or ‘Gammon’ )
Never smiles. Resents everything and everyone . See also “Face like a slapped-Arse”
See that old biddy with a Face Like A Brexiter complaining about the Darkies coming over here while the Jamaican nurse changes her incontinence pads
by JosefKerr September 27, 2018
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face looks like a terrible hurricane/ struck by lightening or electricuted.
just generally your a right ugly beast
rite darlin' uv gota face like thunda
by yolande June 24, 2004
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based on a used welders bench, when welding lots of small lumps of metal fly of the object being welded as sparks and solidify on the bench giving it a spotted lumpy look. therefore a girl with a face like a welders bench is ugly, spotty, has a pock marked face, generally rough and not a pleasant sight
A: eeeuurrgh, that lucy's got a face like a welders bench
B: yeh she's well butters
by ontour February 29, 2012
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