1. What you say when anything mildly inconveniences you.
Taylor: Fuck me! I just stepped on a fucking lego!
by Arivire October 21, 2018
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This means someone wants to have sex with you but having sex hard. You put that Cock into that Pussy and it will feel good and no I don’t watch porn or masturbate
by WildPUSSYCat October 4, 2019
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When saying it once just isn't enough.
As Brett took Ana from behind, both hands twisting her nipples and thrusting vigorously inside her rectum, she screamed 'fuck me fuck me'
by Fedora Jack September 21, 2016
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1) sarcastic reply towards a frustrating situation

2) sexual demand for harder or deeper penetration.
1) Random dude: I should've stopped after the first cum so I wouldn't be stuck in this traffic jam. Fuck me.

2) Boyfriend:*quickly thrusts tip in and out* Me:"Stop being such a little bitch and just fuck me"
by RollABowl December 24, 2014
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Alternative way of saying "Beats me". Basically, it means "I don't know".
Person A: Where are my keys?
Person B: Fucks me.
by Xeno The Cowardly Prince June 20, 2010
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When I want you to take your big hard cock and ram me hard and fast until I'm shaking and squirting
Oh yeah baby!!! Fuck me!! A-Ah~ deeper!!! Ah yes!! Ooh.. ah! Right there! Fuck me!!!
by GummiTheDeliciousBitch December 28, 2016
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