A term meaning temporary insanity in situation or conduct.

x - "omg noob asdf wickkle wickkle im pregnant and you're the mother!"
y - "you're madder than a box of frogs you are".

x- "omg i killed 18 guys in a row on 2142"

y- "yes, i saw that, it was madder than a box of frogs".
by crashmctavish November 16, 2006
James - "Did you check out that girl at the bar?"

Michael- "Yeah! She was a right box of frogs!"
by Cuban_Cigar April 18, 2011
Very mad, but typically refers to someone in the public eye. Of course, as the very idea of putting frogs in a box is eccentric to say the least, one who is very mad can be said to be; As mad as a box of frogs
That Ronan Keating - He's as mad a s a box of frogs.
by Tanky November 9, 2003
Two things that contrast each other so strongly they aren't comparable.
"Edibles and Acid are a completely different box of frogs."
by LeBushman April 11, 2022