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An adjective black people use to describe someone who's acting crazy or someone just flat out making money and fuckin bitches
DeAndre was struck as hell last night in da club that nigga was all over Shawnita
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A perfectly sized loaf of bread. So people know exactly how big the loaf must be.
A: Do you wan't a loaf of bread?
B: Yes

A: How big?
B: a strück
by SitZschn August 30, 2009
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used as an adjective - when found in a terrible situation such as getting lost or being marooned on an island or otherwise in some manner of dire situation, one is said to be 'struck' - can also be expressed as 'struck diesel' for added emphasis (with extreme emphasis on the 'die' part of diesel)
Gabe: Oh crap, the tire went flat!
Chris: Aw man, we're struck!

Howard: Aw man, I'm so hungry and there's no food in the house and the store just closed 2 minutes ago!
Laura: Struck diesel!
by Smellican October 12, 2005
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Adj. as in struck by lightning.

Used to describe something exciting, outrageous or otherwise positive.
I'll be taking Monday off because I'm going out Sunday and I'm finna get struck.
by 4KwtWarlock September 17, 2017
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v. used only in the past and past perfect tenses.

1. To administer violent sexual contact, usually to the rectum.
Samantha was expecting a quiet, romantic evening with Mitch, little did she know that she would get struck.

"Another dick move like that, and you're gonna get struck."

"Did you see the bruises on Lance's arms, Vince?"
"Oh my god, yes, Tim, he must have gotten struck last night."
by Danfield August 07, 2006
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Adjective describing how one feels after hitting their first gravity bong.
The first he hit the GB, he was fuckin' struck.
by Diamonddog84 April 04, 2005
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