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A sweet little boy from South Park. Hes so stupid and cute and dont ya just wanna hug him?
"Well thats ok. Id rather be a crying pussy than a faggy goth."
by SpookyOne August 23, 2004
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This means 'ugly' when used to describe a person. I think it comes from 'butterface', as in 'nice body, but her face...'
"She is well butters"
by AJ November 05, 2004
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Person: Leopold "Butters" Stotch

Butters is in class with Stan, Cartman, and Kenny. When Kenny died for good in season five, Butters became their new best friend. Unfortunatly when his use as a friend didn't meet up to their standards, Butters gets fired as the new best friend, and loses his mind creating Professor Chaos. ....definition is from

Notable quote: "When I go walkin down the street they go 'Hey, there's chinballs!'".
You're a FREAK Butters! You can't play with us!"
by FrankGrimes July 07, 2005
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Word made famous by AFP95 but reused in a song by Swiss001. Means a plane has had a smooth landing of less than -100 V/S.
10/10 conversation. AFP95 made Butter famous. I donβ€˜t think he invented it though. I love reading the comments under the Butter song. So many confused people… You basically say Butter The Bread when a plane lands smoothly.
by computerguy15 June 09, 2018
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The urban definition of 'butter' is to have refined skills at a particular task, like playing basketball for example. To further understand the meaning of the word, you have to grasp a general idea of where the usage of it came from. Originally, people of all backgrounds used to say the phrase "I'm on a roll!" meaning that at the moment, they were so good at doing something, that there was no stopping them. Later on, people took the phrase to the next level by saying "I'm must be butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!" in the sense that, if you're on a roll, you have to butter, because that's what most people put on rolls. Later, this was just shortened to "Butter!"
(After draining a fourth straight three-pointer): I MUST be butter, 'cause I'm on a roll!
some other guy: um, uh...yeah.
by blah May 23, 2004
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