When you first meet her she may appear reserved or softspoken, don’t judge her too quickly! she is actually being incredibly observant & sensitive to what other people are thinking&feeling. She craves harmony & peace, and emphasizes strongly with suffering. She picks up on subtlety & subtext, & knows when her friends & followers are struggling & when they stand passionately behind her. Never underestimate her, she is the Khaleesi of her era. She has the greatest degree of compassion&passion a human in this world can give. Her trust is not to be tested, it is one of a kind. Given her trust she becomes the shining true spirit of a lion. She is future driven, always keeping in mind how to move forward. She isn't going to change the world before changing herself. She is fiercely loyal to her own system of values & will not follow others down a path that does not feel authentic to her. When she senses that her values are not being respected, or when her intuition tells her that someone's intentions are not pure, she'll withdraw from their presence. When you are with her, there is no other place you'd rather be, when you not with her, it's the only place you want to be.
Dutch: Have you talked with Dee yet?
Me:No.... Still a bit shy....
Dutch: It's ok to be shy, it gives us a chance to be courageous!
Me:Who told you that?
Dutch: Dee.
Me: hahahah such a Dee thing to do :D
by Stringplay July 29, 2014
A young cool nigga who tryna grind for money and be a gentlemen when he get older he funn don’t mess with him or he KARATE KICK U for real he can sometimes be”ignorant “but he chill and tryna be a football playa
by Deelock15 March 19, 2019
Describes a person that's bubbly, outgoing, funny and smart. Plays games with the mind. Extemely beautiful, gorgeous, hot. Manipulative at times. Independent. Get in "Dee's" way and she will KNOCK you out and is not afraid to stick up for herself and STOMP you out. Awesome in bed and is extremely charming. Everyone wants to resemble her. A person that has many admirers but is picky. Hard to tie down.
"Damn i want her so bad but she's such a Dee"
"She probably has a bf i bet you she's a Dee"
"She's a Dee in a dozen"
by Spotlightplaya February 4, 2010
A young nigga who came from nothing and on a grind to get millions
Say Dee wat the move today use by @sleazydachild
by 2soliddee_ September 19, 2018
A smooth playa who keeps it real
It's time for you to stop getting played. It's time to Dee-Up.
by D$ December 31, 2005
She is the most fantastic girl in the worldand she cute, hot, sexy , likes u for who u are and when u meet her she seems nice and like nothing bothers her but deep inside she has so many problems and if u care about her and love her you will help her through any problems that she may have and she will be shy about telling them but you gotta tell her what you know is true because i feel in love with one and she super caring, funny, increable, she is also quick to throw hands and wants to sleep all day but thats okay she was worth the trouble for me im glad i am married to this veryspecial girl theres so much about her that i still dont know but she loves cuddles and kisses and lots of hugs. I would cross the universe to get to this girl. Not to mention her super cute voice.
Okay i love u baby (My Dee from Kevin H
by September 14, 2020
Dee means cuteness. Beauty. Happiness. Love. It refers to an adorable and kind hearted person that should be protected at all costs.
Person: Omg your daughter is so cute, what's her name?
Person 2: Thank you, her name is Dee! Matches with her cuteness right? Hahah.
by Jinooo March 16, 2017