Something that isn't superficial but very great and intense
Dean and I share a more profound bond.
by i-is-board October 9, 2010
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Commonly used sarcastically in response to blatantly obvious phrases.
Person 1: "Yeah. The gunshot wound was caused by a bullet."

Person 2: "Profound."
by AhuganoshTheGreat August 19, 2013
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A derogatory term used to describe people who consider themselves as being part of an intellectual or cultural elite. This phenomenon tends to manifest itself in the narcissistic manner such people dress and speak; as well as in their affectedly highbrow artistic and associational preferences.
guy 1) 'what's with all these anorexic, pseudo-post modern , painfully image-obsessed artistic cunts in this dingy alley? guy 2) 'it's just st jeromes dude. they're profound'.
by makebelieve February 28, 2008
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In statistics, when a hypothesis test produces a pvalue between .001 and .002, a rejection on the null hypothesis must be declared as a ‘profound rejection’.
Ho u=u2=u3
Ha at leat one mean different

Pvalue: .ooo1
Reject the Null, assume the alternative is true.

Profound rejection
by Captain Coster April 22, 2006
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1)to be deep/insightful

2)hard to grasp/understand to the shallow mind or someone of ordinary knowledge.
I found the preacher's sermon to be very profound and insightful, today.

Bob wasn't ver profound when he said, "I like beer and sex."
by sloppyjoe24 August 7, 2008
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1.Incredibly deep in meaning. 2.Remarkably significant 3. A highly conscious statement
The young man's speech was profounding, I was very impressed.

"I find the art that you create incredibly profounding. May I purchase a piece from you?"
by Supurb Wurd Specialist March 10, 2016
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very profound, with a little profanity thrown in
"one can't accomplish shit without first dreaming it" - now that quote has some profoundity to it.
by volcomv114 November 26, 2008
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