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A term used to describe a particular type of Brexit-voting, europhobic, middle-aged white male, whose meat-faced complexion suggests they are perilously close to a stroke.

The term 'gammon' is linked to the unhealthy pink skin tone of such stout yeomen, probably because of high blood pressure caused by decades of 'PC gone mad', being defeated in arguments about the non-existent merits of Brexit and women getting the vote.

Gammon often make their appearance on BBC's Question Time jabbing their porcine fingers at the camera while demanding immediate nuclear strikes against Remain-voting areas, people who eat vegetables and/or cyclists.

When gammon appears en masse it is often referred to as a "wall of gammon".

Following the rise in prominence of the term 'gammon' in mid-2018, hoards of basement dwelling alt-righters organised on /pol/ and other online alt-right backwaters to remove the above definition, which best fits common usage of the word, from Urban Dictionary. This followed a mass campaign of faux outrage from alt-right online publications and media pundits in which they attempted to portray the term as racist or classist. In reality, it best compares to the British phrase "Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells".

The first known usage of the term 'gammon' to describe the complexion of men of an overly-jingoistic fashion dates from as far back as 1838 in a description of Mr Gregsbury, a Member of Parliament, in Charles Dickens' novel, Nicholas Nickleby.
1. Did you see Question Time last night? It was absolutely rammed with gammon.

2. Some random gammon started posting "Ingland 4 the Inglish!!! Give us Brexit now" all over my mum's Facebook.

3. Oi gammon, pipe down, or you'll do yourself a mischief!

4. Brexit is a gammonite phenomenon born out of europhobia and an overconsumption of tabloid induced euromyths.
by EuropaMaxima October 17, 2018
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The quintessential example of white fragility, gammon was a term that came into the mainstream after a sea of portly white men were spotted on BBC Question Time getting very red in the face whenever Brexit and / or immigration came up as a topic. The term was quickly labelled as a racist slur and was criticised for poking fun at the truly oppressed group of white middle aged men who vote Tory and / or Leave, despite the fact its origin of use went back to Charles Dickens using the term in 1838 to describe a man of "gammon" complexion.

The term is often described as one only used by the 'out of touch' liberal elite yet its usage is solely attributed to people who voted Leave, follow Tommy Robinson on Facebook and really, really enjoy darts.
Leave voter - "There's too many Polish people in Britain, and they're all bloody benefits scroungers."
Remain voter - "That's such a gammon statement to make."
by GammoniusBastards October 19, 2018
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Collective noun for white, middle-aged, furious-faced men who are heavily concentrated in the vast reaches of England's Brexit heartlands.

Spitting out talking points found in fascist organs like the Daily Mail (or, for those preferring something less intellectual, the Daily Express), gammon exist in a state of perpetual outrage and exasperated "I'm just an ordinary bloke, me" confusion.

Core traits:

- They favour Brexit. After all, it means Brexit.
- Because the Conservative Party and the right-wing media ecosystem have told them to, they reject those things that underpin their jobs, living standards and opportunities: environmental protections, workers' rights, regulations favouring consumers, the European Union, the single market and the customs union. These things also benefit people they don't like (including foreigners and Guardian readers), of course, so they have to go.
- On the off-chance that they're aware of a border in Ireland, they don't know anything about it.
- They dislike multiculturalism and the 'equality agenda', and obsess about 'lefties', immigrants, Jeremy Corbyn ("Would 'e launch a nuke?! WELL, WOULD 'E?!") and the fabled liberal metropolitan elite.
- They hate Muslims, so they voted for the UK to withdraw from a free trade bloc comprising countries made up of white Christians.
- Having spent 40 years bellyaching about the UK's democratic decision to enter the EEC, they are now unbending guardians of its democratic decision to leave.
"There was so much gammon on Question Time last night that I went straight on Amazon and bought a panini machine. I'll get killed with the tariffs, but it'll be worth it."

"Fresh fruit looks likely to become a luxury after Brexit, but at least we'll have a surfeit of gammon."
by Onion fleg July 24, 2018
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A term of derision used by the metropolitan elite to describe those with differing views and opinions.
It specifically refers to their skin colour (white) - which is a bad thing in such social circles.
Often used by far left elements of the British Labour party to describe working class Labour Party voters.
Also often used by pro-EU supporters to shut down Brexit debates and paint any opposition as racists.
Oh Bestrice, look at those dirty gammon over there complaining about the level of immigration!
Come on Tarquin, lets get out of here, daddy has put this months allowance in my account, the organic cruelty free soy lattes are on me!
by MySudoName June 16, 2018
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Go to insult for remoaners to describe any whites who voted for Brexit. Used to describe their red faces as they get angry.

The description better matches remainers however due to the fact that the majority of the protestors against Brexit are often Labour voters and these people are often easily identifiable at any Labour/Pro-Brexit rally as they are always unkempt with receeding hair, unwashed and smelly with red skin - as they're unhealthy and often live in the most polluted areas of London - and have the statistically proven smallest IQ of any party voters due to coming from a poor wage or unemployment background.
"Those damn gammons! They'll let dem Tories take all muh benafits awy n' since we got humon rights from the EU (a lie) there wont a challenge to them innit m8?"

"yea that's right m8. damn brecit gammon."
by PsudStud July 09, 2018
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Northern Australian Slang (Primarily in the NT)
Popular among the aboriginal people and other people who have lived in the NT (especially alice springs) for a few years.

1. Adjective used to express something is fake, a lie, boring or unfair.
2. Adjective used to express someone is lying, scheming, boring or joking.
3. Saying used to express that you are joking or deceiving, it is generally said after either of the words; Nah, Nglah, Nlang, lang.

Sometimes shortened to "Gahm" or "Gahn"
1. "Nglah Gammon mate, i was only fuckin around"
2. "You couldn't get a Stick on Tick? Thats Gammon as buddah!"
3. "Come on bro, shout us one more yah gammon cunt!"
4. "You're always being so gammon"
5. "I think everything you're saying is gammon you lying dog!"
by MeMateWayno July 20, 2018
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