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Somebody who is an ignorant, xenophobic dipshit who can't see what's good for them.
I can't believe I just bought my flight in euros instead of in Pounds. I'm such a Brexiter!
by Blueberrypancakes June 24, 2016
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Colloquial London - A small minded rural person who is slightly racist , short sighted and nervously insular.
Don't be so stupid you Brexiter!
Nigel Farage is a Brexiter Fucked
Stupid Brexiters have fucked it up for everyone else.
Don't be such a Brexiter, that would be the dummest way of going about it
by \Mrcodm June 24, 2016
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A person who wants Great Britain to leave the European Union. Of a British person, outward looking, brave and patriotic. Of a Business owner who can see the benefits of international free trade. An open minded individual who is not fooled by the false notion that Britain would be worse off outside of the European Union.
When it comes to voting in the EU referendum, I am voting to Leave because I am a proud brexiter
by TremmerX May 12, 2016
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