Sue: "To increase my efficiency while baking this cake, I'm going to gather all the ingredients from the fridge before I start mixing anything together."

Bob: "You're not being efficient, you're just being lazy. Now make me a sammich."
by lifeinhd August 16, 2010
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Extremely hard working, always functioning at the highest of standards, and finding the best possible solution. Other wise known as a Miriam.
"Oh my god, how did she get all of this DONE?!"
"She's efficient...Duh."

Example 2:
"No no, it takes 30 minutes to get to Whole Foods. There is no possible way for you to get there in twenty minutes."

"Bam! there in ten. "
by Sisternumberthree May 06, 2010
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So effecient as to be stupidly time-saving. Coined by Ms. B. Brown of Washington, DC in a fit of made-up-wordiness.
Your boss would love working with me, because I'm a master of efficientness.
by dhpdhp August 06, 2009
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A word to describe an attractive woman. Normally with a small build/frame.
Guy 1: (normally in an Asian voice) Ah, very efficient.

Guy 2: Damn, she is hot.

Back round: "When stamp the passport" came out, I told my friend that it's like calling a hot Asian woman efficient like they do their machinery.
by cyborgofaltron June 23, 2009
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A phrase that decribes any system, operation, or action, where the beaurocracy serves to create more problems than the problem it was created to solve.
Jack came into class late, the teachers inquiry of, "why were you late?" was followed by, "Sorry, the buses ran with soviet efficiency!"
by Japanadan October 07, 2004
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1. Any and all measures are taken to avoid jury trials.
2. Synonymous with the term Injustice and the phrase "fuck, we don't have time for you."
3. That which takes priority over full and fair justice.
4. Term commonly applied to justify a Judge's Judicial Misconduct.
The judicial administrators should modernize their lexicon in the name of judicial Efficiency.
by Spiritual-Master December 10, 2021
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