When you are behind everyone else and it's not a things anymore.
Bro 1 : Dude have you seen this new song called, whip/naenae
Bro 2 :Bro, you late.....

You Late
by Blizzard14 April 23, 2016
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A phrase said to someone who is finds out about something (for example a meme on the internet) way after everyone else.
Yo ya'll heard about all your base?

Man that was like 5 years ago, you late!
by laterade July 27, 2010
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You coming out tonight?


You got SEE YOU LATED by that punch
by Monney August 19, 2009
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literally what all teachers fucking say when you come in that one second late, the best way to get asked why are you late is to walk around the skool and then roll up to class like a savage and sit down and look at ur phone
Teacher: Why are you late again today
Teenager:CUS im a savage and thats what the cool kids do when it's class at least I came to School
Teacher: K sit down then and do ur work
Teenager: stfu IDC about shitty schoolwork
by Elevators115 June 17, 2021
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the sick 6 second .avi that Colby made using nothing but Fraps and Yuyu Hakusho.

What happens in the short clip is that Sakyo tells a member of the dark tournament council:

"sorry to inform you so late"

and then Tugoro flicks said man in the forehead, causing his head to explode and a blood-curdling gurgle to escape from the victim's throat. so when you are "sorry to inform so late" someone, you are in theory, owning them hardcore.
"Wow, David, sorry to inform you so late but men CAN lactate"

"Our whole physics class just got sorry to inform you so late'd by Mr. Yeend"
by colby sandler October 5, 2006
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Another one of the sentences of doom. Usually said by your boss after you swiped too many xerox copies or pens from the office, or by your parents when your report card/behavior is not up to snuff.
"Lately you have been throwing pencils in the asbestos ceiling tiles at school. The police are going to investigate this as a death threat. We need to talk!"
by Braveheart's thirst for blood January 13, 2007
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