The capital of the United States. D.C. is known for it's government buildings and rich parts in Northwest, DA HOOD in Southeast (especially in Anacostia and Washington Highlands), the middle class yet quasi-hood of Northeast and Southwest, and the Potomac River which is a great place to take a bath in. Despite what some people may say, D.C. is *NOT* the south, culturally speaking D.C. is about as southern as Wisconsin. People in D.C. have a Canadian sounding accent like they do in Wisconsin too. To the north of D.C. is Maryland aka Crabland and south of D.C. is good ole Virginny, aka no-mans land.
Anyone who thinks that Washington, DC is the south is an idiot. Culturally speaking D.C. is far more like Canada than the south. The accent spoken in D.C. is the same accent that's spoken in Wisconsin. Our Nation's Capital may be under the Mason-Dixon line, but hey, that line was drawn back IN THE 1700's, so it's outdated. But go one hour south of D.C. and you will be in the south, believe you me.
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 6, 2009
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The capital of the United States. Named because it's a dirty city in need of a TON of WASHING. The "DC" then obviously stands for "Dirty City".

Washington, DC is probably best known for it's vibrant ghettos where top of the line crack is sold and consumed on a daily basis.
Let's go to Washington, DC to score some crack tonight! oh yea!
by Rellik Uzi August 28, 2010
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Other than being the capital of the U.S., D.C. is known for having a predominantly Black population (not counting those that live in the outside suburbs, but go to work in the city). From this large Black population, D.C. has developed a very distinctive culture including its Go-Go music, mambo sauce, and style of dress for the younger population (a style that is very different from other metro areas that imitate NYC for the most part). And, like many other large metro area, the people here have a their own slang and accent, one that is cross-bred from both the South and the North. Despite the recent developement projects going on there, the SouthEast section of DC is popularly known as the most dangerous area of the town. In addition, many long-time DC residents have been moving to the bordering counties such as Prince George's County, MD, Charles County, MD, and Alexandria, VA.
I can tell you're from Washington DC, because you're accent doesn't have a heavy drawl like the Dirty South, but it definitely ain't New York or Philly.
by Tabnaka January 31, 2006
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An off-brand washing machine sold exclusively in America that can cleanse your soul of communism.
Person 1: what’s Washington DC? Is that a city or something?

Person 2: you got it all wrong. It’s actually a type of off-brand washing machine.
by tapulele August 29, 2021
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The capitol city of the United States that has surprisingly quickly became a fierce rival to the Barnum and Bailey Circus Group. Washington DC is known particularly for providing quality entertainment to the entire world through its one of its oldest attractions, the "Congress".
Washington DC is home of the three-ring government, and Barnum and Bailey is home of the three-ring circus.
by Mr. Barnum February 13, 2005
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Our nation's capitol also ironically the most violent area in the US
"I was on a tour of the white house and saw 15 people get capped."
by anon December 24, 2004
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There is yet another sniper on the loose in the US city of Washington DC
by black flag June 1, 2004
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