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Has a variety of meaninings and can be applied in many ways-
It basically means when players are getting work done on hunnies and creepin single/young game and friends of friends (competition is always healthy)
1. Lc- Zj phantom you been getting work done over the weekend
ZJ= I been creepin 24/7 365 with my iph4- girls pumped for the phantom

2. Sj- Lc get to work on that trim down at the f/shore

Lc- damn son, that work is easy money for me

3. Zj= I heard this Dc cat is getting work done on some yg trim

Dc- yeah, i been to prison- ai girl this my boy sj fresh out the joint

4. Lc- Sj getting work done all holidays, man this cat can creep
Sj- mo money, mo probelms for these hunnies- hot hand cell in one hand- 5 fingers to the face the other;)
by brown bear g 6530 July 19, 2011
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