Damn that french person is a total laurent too hot for me
by Harry ndjd September 5, 2018
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Laurent is a very lovable guy he will hook up with you and leave! Laurent usually have really big dicks as his french origins! They will friend you but never go out with you and you will get stuck in the friend zone! He will care about you but lies to try and make you better !
Careful Clair Laurent is gonna friend zone you !
by Coco1231 September 5, 2018
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A feminist who's really cool, and outspoken, outgoing, energetic,sexy, intelligent, and all about PEACE LOVE AND EQUALITY!!!
Wow that rally is full of Laurents.

I want to be a laurent.
I speak up for the rights of all people, so that makes me a Laurent.
by Insanityintheformofshorts December 7, 2009
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Laurent is a Guy who's very energetic , generous talented and sensual.

He's also a fuckboy and he will steal all your girfriends or ur wifey he don't care about what people think about him . He love to make people around him happy. He inspire people so much because ohh he so brave ! If you got a laurent in your life Keep it he very cool even if he's a bad ass
-Heyy I see a man today he was so arrogant but got an beautiful smile tho !
- It must be a Laurent
- loll I think you'te right !
by Dayensha January 7, 2018
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An awesome girl,the best in everything especially in school,gets straight A's in her tests and quizzes,loves her family and friends,really beautiful blonde with green eyes,her best friends love her too much they annoy her too much but it's ok,she is so kind to others that some people get jealous of her sometimes,go get yourselves a Laurent like this Laurent she is the best ❤️👯
Laurent is one of the best people in this world!
by Laurent Z March 14, 2017
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Did you see Laurent today, he is so hot in that tank top
by diamond34 June 19, 2019
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Is a person who likes to play hard and work hard. She's a bit of a hoe but she makes up for it with model bodey and sexy style. Don't even try to date this girl because there is only one boy for her - Leonardo DiCaprio, will she ever marry him?

However if you want to get close to this godess try to strike up convo about her favorite show- Friends or her favorite band Abba or favorite person Freddie Mercury (that she named her cat after).

E Laurent likes muscular bois with neck tattoos although she claims to like "cute boys". She is involve with someone in her parallel class but unfortunately he has a lot of other hoes too (and bros).
Is that E Laurent?
- No she probs still be at that lit parteyy with them Djursholm 00 bois
by Horsegirl1337 November 13, 2020
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