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Miriam is a beutiful women/girl. She is a strong independent women that works hard for what she wants. She is down to earth, if she says shes going to do something she DOES it. She is a real good cook. When people try her food they fall in love with it. She is pretty straight foward with people. Shes a really loving human being that is always smiling.
Woaw that girl is truely a Miriam.
by Honest~.5 February 03, 2018
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"Miriam" she's the one who's shy, but when you get to know her she's fucking wild. Shes very pretty too. She is one of the smartest girls you'll ever meet but doesn't have common sense. Her smile is as beautiful as her laugh. She has the best style and her body is to die for just like her soft curly hair. But never get on her bad side.
"you know the new girl Miriam?"
"yah lol I heard she's hot"
by lobesinlovey June 18, 2018
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Literally the best of the best. Knows how to handle her bestfriends at all times. There's no other like her. She can be dumb and smart. She's gorgeous and lucky. No one can compare to her. You're lucky if she's in your LIFE!She's just simply the best.
Miriam why are you so awesome !
by Miriamisthebest February 12, 2015
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an amazing ass friend she will put your feelings before hers. never take her for granted because once she is gone she forever. she speaks straight factsss. she’s a baddie
“wow! look there goes miriam”
“he’s lucky he has miriam in his life
by -geart June 28, 2018
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She can be perky, funny, and a great friend while also being a total bitch at the same time. She the most beautiful deep brown eyes that match her soft, curly hair. she goes by mimi. Her smile can make you fall in love with her instantly. Many people are mean to her, but they don't know what they are missing by being this girls friend. Her laugh is like angels singing and her voice is beautiful. She's short and wears the cutest clothes and often try's to hard, but makes it out ok in the end. you desperately want to kiss her and you know when she wants to do the same to you, but you just can't form the words. If you have a girl like this in your life, never let her go. She is the best thing that will ever happen to you.
Friend 1: Miriam is so weird
Friend 2: F u she's amazing!
by thejmansimpson January 12, 2015
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Weird, short, and goes existential quickly. She's a dark person who constantly looks at life wondering why things are the way they are. She's beautiful, yet she doesn't know it. She is INTENSELY funny and get laugh is contagious. Though she gets annoyed quickly, she is the best person to have as a friend.
Miriam is a human I think.
by Picklepuff February 19, 2018
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Well Miriam is a brave, short, funny, and loyal person you will ever know. You can trust her in anything. She will be their no matter what. Also she is quite a good kisser. She can make people fall in love with her. Miriam has hard times here and there but she still keep a huge smile on her face. Also she gets what she wants, if she really want it . Also she will never back off a thing that might be crazy.
Friend 1: Oh my lord, Miriam just went to go hug her ex.

Friend 2: I can't believe she actually did her dare.
by The_flop December 29, 2018
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