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The french part of Canada, makers of the original POUTINE. Legal drinking age : 18, real drinking age : 13.
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
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A province of Canada (which is not part of USA, you dumb fuck heads) in which French is the number one language. Inhabitants (Québécois) love hockey just like other canadians. Their ancestors were French from France, but they we're conquered in 1759 by England because France army sucked ass. People from Quebec are kinda patriotic and that's why they want to show who they are to the rest of Canada.
1. I went to Quebec and I had to buy a French-English berlitz because everything is in french over there.

2. Quebec is damn cool; parties everywhere!

3. Quebec's chicks are damn hot.
by Charlie October 08, 2004
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1) Nouvelle-France
2) Home of the poutine, skydoo, hockey
3) French Part of Canada
I ate a poutine while I was in Québec
by Aimée Fourrer September 08, 2003
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The Home of Winter Carnaval et BONHOMME!
I went to Quebec to see the Bonhomme.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
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The land where the Quebecers live.
The majority of the population is mixed in the 4 major ethic group, the french (who comes from the colonization by the french empire, 400 years ago), the british (who comes from the Conquest 250 or so years ago by the british empire) the Indigenous nations (who lived there before the european came here) and the irish (who immigrated here because of the famine that occured in their country conquered by the British). There is the Neo-Quebecers(the immigrants of the last century) who majorly flee the wars of the 20th century or wanted to live in a new contry.

The official language is the french because it is spoken by the majority of the population.
"Je vis au Québec, donc je suis un Québecois."
I live in Quebec, so i'm a quebecer.
by Louis Desjardins April 12, 2008
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1) a beautiful province

2) a home to a population widely consisting of people of french descendance.

3) Just because we are proud of our french heritage, does not mean we are snobby assholes. honest, we'll give you beer and poutine.

4) we have language laws, which say that each sign must at least CONTAIN french, but we don't say they have to BE french.

5) bordered by the canadian provinces Ontario and Nawfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick, and The American States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire and New England.
1)ASTI! The forests are beautiful in Quebec.

2)Quebec, was originally called Nouvelle France, and contained Seigneurs and Habitants, thus the former name of the montreal canadians the "habitants" and their current nickname the "habs"

3)Poutine was invented in Quebec, and if you tell everyone beer was too, we'll give you a free one.

4) L'AUTRE PORTE S.V.P - please use the other door.

5) Quebequer: "Caliss! i will drive to Minnesota!!"
Other Quebequer: "Why? your no legal drinking age there!"
Quebequer: "TABARNAK!!"
by Pascale ..asti. January 02, 2006
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A PROVINCE of Canada, which it's population is (sadly) generalized as patriotic.
The Québécois (population) are not all against learning english, and do not all want Quebec to become a country.

Quebec is a beautiful province with great nature and great cities such as Montreal.

Quebecois are party and family people, kinda like italians.
Though replace the spaghetti with Poutine, and the wine with beer.
Québécois : tabarn*ck!
Stranger : Wtf is that?
Québécois : Want a beer?
Stranger : SURE!
by Urban Dictionary February 25, 2005
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