The french part of Canada, makers of the original POUTINE. Legal drinking age : 18, real drinking age : 13.
by DeBuDGuY March 30, 2003
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1) Nouvelle-France
2) Home of the poutine, skydoo, hockey
3) French Part of Canada
I ate a poutine while I was in Québec
by Aimée Fourrer September 9, 2003
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The Home of Winter Carnaval et BONHOMME!
I went to Quebec to see the Bonhomme.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
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1) a beautiful province

2) a home to a population widely consisting of people of french descendance.

3) Just because we are proud of our french heritage, does not mean we are snobby assholes. honest, we'll give you beer and poutine.

4) we have language laws, which say that each sign must at least CONTAIN french, but we don't say they have to BE french.

5) bordered by the canadian provinces Ontario and Nawfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick, and The American States of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire and New England.
1)ASTI! The forests are beautiful in Quebec.

2)Quebec, was originally called Nouvelle France, and contained Seigneurs and Habitants, thus the former name of the montreal canadians the "habitants" and their current nickname the "habs"

3)Poutine was invented in Quebec, and if you tell everyone beer was too, we'll give you a free one.

4) L'AUTRE PORTE S.V.P - please use the other door.

5) Quebequer: "Caliss! i will drive to Minnesota!!"
Other Quebequer: "Why? your no legal drinking age there!"
Quebequer: "TABARNAK!!"
by Pascale ..asti. January 3, 2006
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'Quebec' is a Cree word meaning the narrowing (or widening) of the waters. In Scottish it would translate as Glasgow
by Nigel June 26, 2003
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First off, they are not a snobby province. When you look at an entire population, you notice that not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants the same things. BLOQ party won't ever win, because the things they propose are dumb and idiotic. Quebec law states that a sign must at least have French in it, as they are a bilingual province. They are not saying "Lets only have French in our signs." They do not hate English speaking people. Some will. So what? Why give a flying fuck what they think? Some English speaking people hate French speaking people and it's ridiculous. There will always be haters, doesnt mean they have a good readon to do so. We are not all about Strip Clubs and beer and hockey. Like any province, we have culture and a history behind our existance. When you generalize a province or a state, saying that all it's people are this way and that, you are doing what you critize them for doing to you.

Just be equals. Do not generalize.
Quebec is a province where not everyone thinks the same. Just like any state or city or any place in the world.

Will the world just grow up and stop being pompous hating bastards and love eachother already?
by MeowWoof July 28, 2009
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When people are trying to find things to talk shit about Canada, everything they find comes from fucking Quebec.
Quebec is fucking retarded.
by Tyrone the black May 16, 2018
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