A place where you can be served great-tasting, varied, organic food and upper-middle class pretension in equal measure.
Wannabe Trophy Wife #1 - "So, what are you up to today?"

Wannabe Trophy Wife #2 - "Nothing much, just got back from Whole Foods."
by JohnE123454 September 5, 2010
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An upscale market catering to those seeking "all natural" and organic foods--as well as a unique shopping experience. The customer service is pretty good. Whole Foods is a bit pricey, but their "365" brand items are reasonable. The Prepared Foods hot bar is an awesome place to lunch at.
Dude, I just had lunch at Whole Foods--the mushroom lasagna--and now I'm just about broke
by Carlos Mack December 3, 2007
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A place with natural "whole food" but it's really expensive. Also known as "whole paycheck".
I went down to Whole Paycheck today for lunch. Their food bar is $5.99. It cost me $10 to get something decent.
by Dwayne September 10, 2004
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The semi-organic grocery store for hippies and yuppies.
Yuppie: I drive my Volvo to Whole Foods every weekend so I can spare no expense in having the purest fresh produce.

Hippie: I shop at Whole Foods so I can buy peanut butter in biodegradable containers.
by Eric MK August 24, 2006
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Not all hippies or self proclamed \"hippies\" eat whole foods, not all people who eat whole foods are hippy, vegetarian freeks. Whole foods is not a group of people.

Whole Foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains that have not been processeed or their nature tampered with in any way. Whole foods have a greater amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes because they have not been removed from processing. Examples: apples, broccoli, whole wheat rice, garlic cloves. Not frozen peas, canned tomatos, dehydrated peaches.
by cinderpit September 30, 2003
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A place where hippies, environmental freaks, and dumb vegetarians buy all their organic shit. Any self-respecting normal person would never be caught dead in there.
Whole foods is for hippies. Half foods are a lot better.
by Nick D June 5, 2003
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A disgrace to the natural food industry. Wild Oats is a lot better, and thats a fact. Its proven by their commitment to customer service and quality, which whole foods has niether of.
by puntang master August 19, 2004
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