a term used to show disgust or annoyance to someone from telling them information repeatedly
"I've been going A everytime."
"And I've told you to go B like ten times."
by teasus July 13, 2009
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when you are repeatedly asked a really pointless question by a plethora of different people or you are like earmuff-wearing Warren in There's Something about Mary because its what you do.
Mom: Honey did you say hello to your uncle Bob?
Me: (rolls eyes) About ten times!

from the movie:
Warren did you say hello to Ted?
by m & M 08 July 11, 2008
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Usually never means more than "times two." It's almost always an exagerration.
"I did the amount of word you did time ten."
by Jimmy S January 11, 2004
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The Ten Pint Time Machine is an amazing yet little understood phenomenon which enables men in their later years in pubs to appear attractive to the younger ladies. In some cases, especially at weddings, it also enables them to dance like famous film stars which makes them look incredibly sexy and impressive to any of the younger ladies present, especially the bridesmaids. To achieve this remarkable effect all they need to do is merely drink at least ten pints of beer. Less if they are a lightweight.
Oh dear, old Dave was fully on board the Ten Pint Time Machine the other night at the pub. Trying to chat up that barmaid and impress her with his dancing until he got his feet tangled up and fell flat on his face!
by Jollyer February 26, 2023
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The winner of three Nobel prizes, a best selling book originally written by Luke Coleman. The book is 156 pages that have no print, nothing on them. After its immediate fame, the new sequel "I only asked on opposite day" was written.
by RomanFoam March 2, 2022
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