An extremely underrated punk rocker phenomena! Her songs actually have meaning- and she has some serious pipes too!!

All hail, Cyndi Lauper!
by loveu June 14, 2008
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Cyndi Lauper is an American icon who rose to fame in the highly visual era of the 1980's. Her family-friendly punk rock look (wild hairstyles and thrift store clothing) often overshadowed the legitimate brilliance of her music.

During that era she exploded with seminal music hits from her first two albums, such as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "Time After Time," "She Bop," "Money Changes Everything", "The Goonies 'R Good Enough," "True Colors," and "Change of Heart".

Her 1989 third record was a success abroad but failed in America. Around this time she began her foray into acting with the comedy disaster "Vibes". There was a five year break and then Lauper came back with a greatest hits album which reworked her hit "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," making it a hit all over again.

Lauper continued to pursue acting, and received accolades for smaller roles in films such as "Life With Mikey;" ultimately she received an Emmy award for her work on the program "Mad About You". Though most of her acting work since has been limited to small featured roles, she received massive critical acclaim for her performance opposite Christopher Walken in the 2000 film "The Opportunists".

Lauper continued to release a steady stream of albums, including "Hat Full of Stars" (1993) and "Sisters of Avalon" (1996.) Though both spawned dance chart hits, they were again internationally successful but not popular in America.

Following a 1998 Christmas album, Lauper finished a record called "Shine" which was meant to be released in 2001, but the label that produced it folded. In 2003 Lauper released a standards album called "At Last", and the critical praise that followed (including universal praise of her version of the classic title cut) thrust her into a new category of performers: legendary diva.

Suddenly instead of being looked at as an under-the-radar pop star of the past, Lauper became a massive musical icon. She toured for two years with Cher, and released the forgotten "Shine" album in 2003 (exclusively in Japan.)

Lauper was then cast in the iconic role of Pirate Jenny in a Broadway revitalization of the Brecht musical "The Threepenny Opera," for which she was nominated for a Tony Award. In 2005 she released "The Body Acoustic," an album which took her clasic songs and re-imagined them as fully acoustic versions.

In 2007 lauper headlined "The True Colors Tour" and set out in support of GLBT rights. She performed topless at the "Broadway Bares" concert in New York City. Plans are in motion to release an album in early 2008 called "Saviour Fare".
Cyndi Lauper is best known for her hit "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
by JamesBradford June 25, 2007
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A talentless try hard who recorded girls just wanna have fun which happens to be the worst song of the 70's she also covered What's going on by Marvin Gaye, which should be illegal because it is sacred. And to all you freaks on UD that say she pioneered the punk genre you can go to hell. She now go's on all the gay pride parades dressed like a freak.

Gay person1: oh my god it's Cyndi Lauper at the Madri Gra
Gay Person2: Oh my god if only Madonna could be there too
straight person: My day couldn't of gotten any worse.
African American: lets mangle that Mutha Fuckin' fool for butchering what's going on.

by Irie Fire January 21, 2009
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Pioneered the Punk genre. Known as the Punk Rock Princess.
I wish I could be as Punk as Cyndi Lauper!
by samz0rz July 6, 2007
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real noncommercial true artist
Cyndi Lauper has a show of great work of her grandiose really grandiose voice and array when oneself hears her album is hearing merely what she does in a concert . Lauper continues contributing great ideas she has ascended with her last work she is a very good person . And it’s a great merit that she sings with only 1 musical instrument ! without promotion and she does a good job !

And although there are much many persons to detract from her new album saying things with ignorance they aren’t to take in mind the true new otriginality of her actual style her new album was very hoped by people and they solicited very much her realization of that and now Lauper does it with her exigent and meticulous style

Lauper has had time for preparation not time to do vulgar scandalous actions
Lauper ( The artist always with the “that´s me” style ) Lauper is the origin like in many times for pop , now the style black and wite 50s kind is an inspiration by Lauper .

And I ask who would be the traditional incapable commercer singer ? without her ridiculous and rickety scandals , nude body pretention on stage , 20 dancers , 7 members to chorus that run to aid her every time when they see that the voice of her alone is horrible , without her excess scenography , without her pornography , simply a commercer singer would be nothing , without say many other horrors like the degradation that the commercer singer does for the women’s image . Lauper isn't the simple and traditional commercer singer , she has support in nothing just and only in her voice and musical array and at last that's what keeps in the time and it´s impressive that she does her album with only 1 or 2 or just without a musical instrument . there is to do the mention that Lauper has more true preparation for art .
Lauper has not to hide her act back 20 dancers , 7 members to chorus and 2 ton of scenography , Lauper has only her talent on stage .

It's very very valuable to be oneself in the art , Lauper has really an exceptional , super strong and super plain encouragement to sustain her determination .
She really gets preparation , make effort to do her bequest , to do to art a way to the perfection of voice and arrays with high preparation and culture , although she knows so she doesn´t profit with her style because she's the true artist into a circle of singers that moment to mement do contamination to art with their purely commercial style by the scarcity of talent to sing , to do arrays or to do something else than to do sexual shows , violence and pornography .

Lauper does many more contributions to people about the art and moreover she does charity she does many more contributions by her ideas and convictions to people
she thinks and is concsious of that the art is an important part in our culture .

The singers in the contemporary world of the rock pop music take inspiration in Lauper and they say it sincerely not by money like in much other cases , so Lauper is inspiration nacionally and internacionally her bequest is the most great ,she shows quality without vulgar scandal and sexual show Lauper is all an original matter .

It's very very respectable that Lauper prefers to benefit the art instead she with insanity to prefer (like other persons ) get benefit from the art . I say she is like Antonio Vivaldi , she is with great formation to the art , I'm proud of the way that Lauper is doing .
by Lopero May 15, 2007
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It's the red alert when an ugly chick moves into your hood.
Hey Bro - Did you see that Suzie moved out and now Cyndi Lauper's in d'canyon?
Ya - she's a real mutt.
by tolly is a drinker March 19, 2005
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