Bitch ass spoiled brat poser who depends on her older bro or daddy to take care of her and her friends to gush about her SWEET outfit, which includes
1)concert T
2)spiked/studded bracelets and/or choker stacked up to the middle of her forearm
3)ratty jeans
She'll walk around singing along with her CD player pumped up loud so everyone will know that she's THE punk rock princess

...Any real punk rocka girl does not have to wear
1)the concert-T
2)the stack of spiked/studded bracelets
3)the ratty jeans
...They don't walk around belting out tunes hoping you'll hear and if you call them a princess, they'll diss you hard and walk away.
A: Amy calls herself a punk rock princess.
B: *exasperated noise* Whatever
by Spacey March 4, 2004
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awesome song by Something Corp. on their Leaving Through the Window album. track #2!
Hey dude yesterday I was singing that somthing corp. song.
by punkbaby23 March 2, 2004
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