A fantasy book, written by Ruben Eliassen. It's 4 books in the Phenomena serie. These books are really good. You should read them!
'I really like the Phenomena books. You know the ones written by Ruben Eliassen?!'
by Fallen_Star October 2, 2007
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Us , being !This a natural phenomena!
by Nire Xonnel January 19, 2014
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When you want to fuck your dead Nan but your dead fish tries to cock block you

The fish’s name has to be Barry for this to work
Hey Nan , wanna do the Pinecone phenomena
by 720tickshotter January 17, 2019
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The act of using a topic or item to prove a point, but drastically altering or misrepresenting said thing to make it fit your argument.

The name of this phenomena comes from the first episode of ancient aliens where the wackjobs on the show claim a precolumbian gold artifact was an airplane. To prove this point they build a miniature model, but said model has propellers, wheels, and other modern flourishes not present on the original model. They also remove nearly all of the decorative elements in order to make the model more aerodynamic.

First cited by YouTuber MiniMinuiteMan in his video about the dendara lightbulb.
In order to prove that the hieroglyph was a modern lightbulb, the ancient alien cunts added a buncha extra shit to make a working model. The Golden airplane phenomena strikes again.
by Aspergicbastarx June 27, 2022
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The feeling a male gets when he thinks about the girl he seriously cares about. His heart begins to beat rapidly, and only subsides when he thinks of something completely different.
"Hey how's your girl Jenny?"
"Man, you just gave me HRP (Heart Rate Phenomena) right before a math test."
"Oh, sorry dawg"
by martin3eh May 12, 2009
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The unexplainable Phenomena that the word "dick" can be completely canceled out by the word "Pizza" with strong emphasis on the "P" in Pizza. (used much like "that's what she said" after your buddy makes a statement)
*Baran throws cold water all over Chase while he is in the shower as a practical joke*

Chase: "Dude, that's not cool. You are such a Dick!"

Baran: "Pizza!"

The Dick-Pizza Phenomena
by NadWahl September 1, 2008
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Easy Answer Garbage Phenomena, formally known as EAGP, is a disease that tends to occur in those that are religious. It is a simple case in which your answer for almost everything is less than immature.
Man 1 : "how did we come to earth?" Man 2: "god made us" Man 1 : "are you stupid? or do you have EAGP - Easy Answer Garbage Phenomena?"
Man 1 : "how does a computer work?" Man 2: "its like magic but with electricity" Man 1 : "are you stupid? or do you have EAGP - Easy Answer Garbage Phenomena?"
Man 1 : "am i able to become a top class professional of my choice?" Man 2: "if god says so" Man 1 : "are you stupid? or do you have EAGP - Easy Answer Garbage Phenomena?"
by moe604 December 16, 2013
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