Noun- Pointing out idiocracy in others
Verb- To point out idiocracy in others
Mr. Dent: "Daniel you didn't graph anything!"
Adam: "Gra!"
by Snake2312 May 19, 2009
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Shortened and less offensive but equally funny slang term for Negro's or Ni##er. Used when in a group of African Americans, so they dont know what you are calling them.
Hey, look at those two Gra's over there eating that huge watermelon and chicken leg!
by E Dogg March 17, 2005
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Shooting Fake gun shots in a funny sounding way that resembles you wont actually shoot as you don't even have a gun in hand, nor do you intend to find or get one.
by Jr.FTW February 16, 2018
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instead of saying the word gracias or thank you, say the convenient, one syllable short form “gras”. gras is pronounced gr-ah-ss. save your breath and use the work gras!
gras for the present! it is beautiful
by marmargras July 01, 2020
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slang word for girl
-- used in Ft.Lauderdale and Miami
Gra, guess what?! I just seen Lil Wayne at Club Trends!
by Kbabesz June 06, 2009
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An official list of approved pharmaceuticals, maintained by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Stands for: Generally Reconized as Safe
The good news is, the new pharm is now on the GRAS list!

the bad news... somebody's only now complaining of adverse complications.
by Bob "A" January 31, 2007
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