Verb; slang for the act of having sex. It is used as such because Marvin Gaye's music is responsible for putting people in "the mood" to get it on (tehe pun).
"Babe! Let's Marvin Gaye!"
"Dude, the bae and I totally Marvin Gayed last night!"
by WolfBabe October 2, 2015
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A man who helped many a man get laid. This is credited many a time to Barry White, who also does this but Marvin Gaye was the person who made the original's of "Lets Get It On" and "Sexual Healing"(yet barry white sounds better when he signs "lets get it on"
I played some marvin gaye last night when my girl was over, and I got laid. BOING!!!
by The Prodigy July 17, 2006
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The best singer in the world. He has a very soulful voice, his songs are sexy and cool and he never died really. He was simply too good for this world.. now he is somewhere else... God Bless you, Marvin
omg listen to this sexy voice.. he is Marvin Gaye!!!
by Shanen83 September 13, 2008
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Covertly covering up the act of sex when someone calls you.
Friend A: Telephone "Hey man what are you up to?"
Friend B: "Uh, 'Marvin Gaye' is over so ill tell you about it later."
Friend A: "You better listen to 'Marvin Gaye' until your dick hurts"
by dktbrwn March 10, 2011
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the act of shooting someone with whom you are related by blood. like when marvin gaye's father shot him, or when uncle junior shot tony in season 6 of the sopranos.
Your uncle Marvin Gaye'd you're not even mad?
by Mick Fly July 11, 2006
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