One who is is so consumed with details and perfetion that they spend more time "perfecting things" than actually living!

They slow everyone down, and cause even the most patient of people to explode in a fit of screaming rage yelling "hurry the %@#* up!"
Tom is so meticulous that it takes him 15 minutes to brush his teeth, and another 30 to floss!
by Anonymous November 21, 2003
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meticulous: being very precise at a very efficient length of time that works best for all. Its the less perfect way of saying perfection..but meaning just that
He assassinated the man in a very meticulous manner. Nobody, not even the man knew what happened until it was too late.
by i eat philosophy for breakfast October 17, 2011
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Look how meticulate he is with washing his car.
by AimeeH September 21, 2015
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Careful, methodical. Often a kind substitute for 'slow.'
Alan meticulously filled the can, making sure there were exactly 100 beans in it.
by Confident Lefty February 20, 2006
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Meticulating describes any OCD or perfectionistic action that often results in an avoidable inconvenience for others
Harold took so much time meticulating his parking job, that the store closed by the time he finished.
by LamonteCristo August 22, 2016
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a dapper young man that gets all the bitches who is best friends with jamal goongus and quandale dingle
"damn bro meticulous shart just stole my bitch"
"ya bro he gets all the bitches"
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When an individual intentionally messes up their appearance to give the impression that they don’t care how they look, but in reality care more than is possibly imaginable.
I cannot stand that meticulously disheveled douche bag standing there pining for her attention. You know he’s only looking at her because she’s in front of the mirror.
by FedUpInAZ September 22, 2010
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