pretent is a prewoody pre tent < before the woody starts>
Before the penis gets hard. "pretent" Before pitching a tent.
by CheekyGurl September 25, 2010
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(pronounced pretench) one syl/abrev lang for pretentious. the act of saying the word gives a pretentious air therefore making the use of it even more hilarious
Ew, that girl is so pretent.
by maf1 March 28, 2006
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acting more important than you actually are
brenda: yo dawg last night i got brandan in my car whoooo weeee last night yeaaa girl i tell ya shawty we did it up and down the pole

Lucie Jermaine Jackson: brenda! I tell ya brandan was playing b-ball up in BX last night, what cho fat ass talking bout being pretentous an' all that shit

branda: oh shit ya caught me gurlfriendd got yo hair did
by BLue BuLL RogeRRRRRRR September 13, 2013
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To be suffering from trying to seem more important or significant than you really are. Similar to pretentious
Person 1: Is Peter coming to the party later?
Person 2: Na'h, he 's got pretentionitis and he's being a dick lately.
by SneakySsssssss February 13, 2018
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