The embodiment of all things sweet, nice, beautiful and cute. Often having a dark or dangerous side to watch out for.
by bam jam September 1, 2008
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Suzie Is one of the cutest girls you will ever meet in your life she is smart, funny, she is very good at drawing and when you are around her you will feel your mood almost immediately Brighten up if you are having a bad day she can make it a good one if you are having a good day she’ll make it a even better day and her smile is bright enough to to light up a room full of darkness she always know what to say to break a silent moment and will be by your side no matter what Suzie can make freinds with almost anyone if you ever have the honor of being in a relationship with Suzie you are very lucky
Everyone wants to be friends with Suzie
by William.M.Booth October 30, 2018
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a very hott girl who tends to be overly sensitive, has a BIG conscience, and cant keep her mind out of the gutter.
That girl was such a Suzie!!!
by Benjy94 August 16, 2008
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She is generally good-looking because she tries to cover up her flaws. She is one to keep things bottled up inside of her. She hardly ever lets out her angry or sad side because she is constantly trying to show people that she is happy and enjoying life! She is often anxious and worried about others, but never herself. She doesnt know who her true self is because she is just pretending to herself to be happy 24/7.
Who is really THAT happy all the time..!? She must be a Suzie.
by Suzinor's friend October 28, 2011
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Name for an extremely awesome and cute girl who has a lot of morals and values.
"Man, Suzie is so cool but she's way out of my league."
by johndorian August 29, 2008
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Suzie is the girl who no matter what happens to her she tends to bring out the best of her self and are usually pretty wise when they are there trust self
Did you see how fast she came back from that last hit ?

Yeah that girl is a suzie for sure
by Gladeyouralive January 6, 2022
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That one pick me girl who swears to god she's one of the boys.
Girl 1: "Oml Suzie is such a simp"
Suzie: "Nah i'm one of the boys what u mean"
by i cant rn August 4, 2023
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