the wit that only white people possess
And so I silenced them with my intelligence and dazzling wite. And then at the close of the debate I shouted "Take that you foreign shit!" And they all bowed before my caucasian glory. Amen Amen Amen.
by a very random person March 22, 2005
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These are either hot blondes that are trying to get daddy jealous, or else big, fat, stringy-haired sugar mamas that prefer the licorice stick to vanilla sausage. They don't mind the low-IQ, giant pants, stupid rims, and nappy heads of the African men they crave. The giant tar hose more than makes up for it. Who cares about "intelligent conversation"? That's just what they tell the white man. All that really matters to them is size.
"Where are the wite wimmen at?"
by running out of patience April 29, 2008
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A usually prolonged way of saying "right there", usually followed by "mista ___________".
If someone has just said something that they regret, you might say, "Wite der mista foot in the mouth".
by Mike Eternal January 13, 2008
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a white person that actes like black people because he thinks that its 'cool' or somethin, usually listens to rap an hiphop and tries to talk like a 'gangster'.
Also likes to wear baggy clothes and chains, sometimes earings.
dude A: yo dawg did you see that wite nigga
dude B: dayum what the....
by karim badawy January 16, 2009
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Being accused of something or being guilty of something, possibly murder. Idk.
Bro, this kid was wited for murder.

No way.
by Jxckson December 14, 2021
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