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A moment that is all about me (or you, but this is my mement so just give it to me!).
Joe: Wow, i just had sex with 50 supermodels, and then enjoyed fried frog legs, during and after the incident.This is my mement!

Tim: Joe, take off your virtual reality helmet, you dick.

Joe: I am not wearing a virtual reality helmet, i am wearing a mement helmet.
by thetruth. April 09, 2008
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A meme of the moment. A compound of the word, 'meme' (meaning a trending and imitated phrase or culturual idea) and 'moment'. A cultural unit or phrase of the moment.

synonyms: trend, trendy, fashion, idiom, phrase, saying
Heh, heh, heh: "I like turtles".

Dude, that's sooo of the mement.
by CDRV August 17, 2010
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A moment shared by two or more individuals wherein a sudden mutual bond is shared around a possibly obscure meme. Often experienced when two folks from an online community meet by chance where each has a similar memetic reaction to the surroundings, conversation or scenario they find themselves in.
My instructor says in a faked sophisticated Mexican accent, "I don't always pass a student that rarely shows up." I quickly interupted, "but when I do, it's with a 'D-'." Suddenly, we realized we'd shared a mement.
by kilsek November 16, 2011
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A point in time at which a picture is taken that will inevitably become a meme.
The look on her face when she found out she didn't win the election, was the best mement of the race.
by Inkslingerdave January 31, 2019
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