1) A person of mixed racial descent.

2) A dog of many mixed breeds.
Thomas is white, Hispanic, and Italian, therefore he is a mutt.

I have a dog who is of so many different breeds that he is considered a mutt.
by Anonymous February 15, 2004
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A mutt is a person of a multi-racial background, depending on who you are talking to it can be considered offensive and/or derogatory. In a lot of cases people don't take offense to it(I personally call myself a mutt all the time) Just be careful who you call a mutt, some people won't take it very well.
Ex 1)

Anthony: what are you, you look Hispanic?

Me: I'm a mutt...

Anthony: Me too!

Ex 2)

person1: what is she, I can't tell?

person2: I'm not sure, she's some crazy mix.

person1: Oh, so she's a mutt.

person3: Who are you calling a mutt, you're no better than me just cause I'm multiracial!

Ex 3)

Guy: Wow you're gorgeous, what are you?

Girl: I'm Guyanese, Irish, Indian, and German.

Guy: So you're a mutt.

Girl: yup and damn proud of it too!
by kittieex3 November 25, 2010
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term used to identify someone as multiracial; pretty derogatory word for a multiracial person, at least in the eyes of someone who is multiracial him/herself (because of the word's use in labeling a dog as inferior as a result of impure breeding)
i think it is obnoxious of you to call me a mutt; i'm not inferior to you because my parents are two different races.
by nunoyobiiizneez July 17, 2004
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a non-purebred dog. since they aren't subject to the inbreeding that purebreds usually are, they tend to be healthier. all around very good dogs.
my dog is a mutt
by blue-stars February 17, 2018
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1. n. A dog of undetermined breeding.
2. n. A drug of an undetermined blend.
1. Suzie's dog looks a little like a border collie, but the colouring is off. I wonder if it's a mutt.
2. I can't believe Eric took that mutt he found.
by Kristin. February 26, 2007
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a person who is mixed of 3 different races or more.
"I'm white, spanish, black and italian."

"so basically...you're a mutt right?"

"lol. yea basically."
by NOmutt July 11, 2008
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Lucy. R - home wrecker, druggie, drug dealer, slut, lives in the gutter, all around bitch, disloyal, friend user, social climber, attention/drama seeker, has a list of people she has hooked up/slept with.
Holly "Oi it's the neighborhood mutt going for a run"
Jerry "Who's that?"
Mary "The queen mutt, the filthy bitch that is Lucy. R"
Jerry "Oh yeah man she's rank scum"
by karmasabitchwhor3 May 13, 2012
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