The state or mindset of being intellectually, spiritually and emotionally risen above yourself and any toxic, descended peers
I believe in helping other people. I've quit porn, got a new healthier diet, I'm going for a run everyday, I'm taking every oppurtunity to broaden my horizons, meet new people and expand my mind. I am past wasting my time on foolish actions. I am my own master. I can conquer anything I want to. I am smart and the world is what I make of it. I am ascended
by Ascended Person October 20, 2020
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On your way to being high. When drinking, we go from sober > Buzzed > Drunk
but for weed its what? Sober > ? > High? Not anymore! Sober > Ascension(ing) > High!
"Bro, how you feeling?"
"Man, I'm starting to feel good, I think I've ascended."
by High omegle guy June 2, 2017
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That moment when you eat 3 vitamin gummies and listen to Guns from Friday Night Funkin.
Person #1: "Bro I'm ascending ahaha"

Person #2: "Are you high again?"
by fartfacelolimnotcreative May 12, 2021
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The #1 Discord Selfbot, 140+ commands included
Wow, Ascend is such a good selfbot, way better than Asari or Nighty
by jxnx2 June 29, 2021
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To reach a higher level characterized by complete independence from everything
"We were surprised when Chris Kortbaoui ascended to a higher level and ace'd the physics test, broke the 3 minute mile record, and defeated the dragon in Wow."
by John Fianna February 2, 2007
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Ascendicate comes from the band "The Ascendicate" The Ascendicate is a Christian metalcore band. To ascend is to rise(like Jesus) and icate is often used on ends of words to act as followers. Put them together, Ascendicate. It means the followers that rise.
All those people are Ascendicates!
by Fillyb September 14, 2011
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