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Something so cute it is beyond cute and goes to a whole other level of cuteness
Kieran: Celene, you are sooo coot!
Celene: Shup!
by kierz2 November 12, 2009
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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1. A dark-gray water dwelling bird resembling a duck.
2. A foolish old man.
3. Seeing how the USC football sucks so consistently, it seems rather offending to good poultry everywhere to call them Gamecocks, so a "coot" is a much more realistic symbol for such an inept football program.
1) Any coots arrested today?

2) He meant jorts, as in jean shorts; you know, the staple of every Coot's wardrobe. -CUhoopster48®
by Pitchfork Ben April 19, 2007
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A slang term referring to a middle-aged or old person. Could be insulting depending on intent.
"That old coot."
by Dark Knight March 29, 2004
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(slang)- of great shock value.
Prounounced C(ewe)T, the longer the "ewe" the more shock value. COOOOOOOOOT vs COOT
originating in: Calvert County, MD and spreading like wildfire. Also spelled Koot.
Me to a friend: "I stood in line at the DMV for 6 hours today."

Friend to me:"COOT, that's a long time."

Use of the long "ewe"

Me to friend: "That girl has had 10 STD's in the last year."

Friend: "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, That's disgusting."
by EEFIE January 21, 2009
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A cööt is a very long, and lanky cat going far beyond normal cat anatomy. They can be seen staring at walls, or contemplating why they ever exist. The vast majority of cööts are house cats. These special snowflakes can go absolutely bonkers for no reason, but this rarely ever occurs. It shall only occur when the cööt is having a serious mid life crisis, and feels overwhelmed. Cööts are at nature a very serious species, and are basically the intellectuals of the cat world. These cats are also extremely strong because of their complex figure. Cööts can run very very very fast, faster than any other cat species. This is because of their long and lanky leggs which allows them to propel theirselves forward at an extraordinarily impressive rate. They are overall the most interesting cats to ever walk this trash bin we call an Earth.
Oml that cat is one long boi I think it’s a cööt. “
“ Karen our cööt is staring at the walls again... “
by Xx QwQ xX May 30, 2019
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