To be one of the elite of a prison gang.
Don't fuck with One-Eye Billy, he's in the car.

Rico killed his way in the car.
by Tizzat January 29, 2004
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What you say when you think about your car then start having a seizure.
by 162963192.102370127397 November 10, 2020
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An activity that hooligans take part in that involves going from one car to the next in hopes of finding one door that is unlocked and stealing some interesting paraphernalia.
Hick 1: Look at those three teenagers going car to car, I'm going to take off my shirt and follow them with my truck.

Hick 2: K, just let me put on my zebra print pajamas and i'll be out in a jiffy.

Hick 1: Sweet, we're not gunna let those thugs engage in any inappropriate shenanigans.
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A car-car is normally associated with a c-lace! Except car-cars are more of the spanish speaking type. They still love sexual intamacy but they would rather pick split ends then have sexual intercourse.

Damn i love having a car-car to pick my split ends!
by Emmmmersss. August 29, 2007
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by Mexicanos A Huevo March 10, 2017
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2-ton steel carriages powered by explosions, made out of dinosaurs which are used for transportation
I drove my car to the fuel station to fill reservoir with liquified prehistoric reptiles.
by That one reddit guy March 3, 2012
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A band around the late 70's who was very familer with the synth sound and used it.Very popular back then. not as much now. one of the main influences of The Strokes. who are hailed as "The saviours of rock". but diden't live up the hype
Could of easily been on the scarface sound track for their newwavish electro-sound.
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004
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