The act of being cute, often internet slang describing something very cute.
Awww...lookit da' cuteness!
by Neko Priestess September 30, 2004
Ace, the APBT, is such a cutie. I could gobble him up. He is the definition of cuteness.
by acelover00 April 17, 2008
Lauren Tracy 4'10" 80lbs of pure cuteness
i dont think it could get any cuter
Did you see LT today? god shes such cuteness.
by Andrew January 6, 2005
Jessica Deangelis . . . cuteness squared, state my mothafuckin word.
There she is . . . the walking, living, breathing, definition of cuteness . . .
by Kold Shadow March 4, 2005
like the coolest, most amazingest, nicest, sweetest and best at making robbie beleive things, girl in the world
by hun April 4, 2005
the quality of one being cute, comes from looking at Will Gaines
Will-fuckin'-Gaines is the only example of cuteness, besides Cuite McCute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cute Cutie-Pie
by Kregg April 9, 2004