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Cel-e-ne ;
Incredible and worth knowing for anyone lucky enough to meet her, A smile that will keep you hypnotized for hours on end leaving you to wonder where the day went before you even realize how much time you've spent gazing at her, gorgeous no matter when or how, Impossible to find anything but adorable, her personality will suck you in, her mannerisms will brake you down, and getting to know her will leave you wanting more. Likable in every way that matters, a person who loves to give and will think about others before herself more often than not. Involved in the community, with personal goals she wants to meet but not overly critical of those she meets. Not particularly judgmental, which only goes to to show part of her amazing nature. Protective of her loved ones, adores children. Most Celene's will have a particular affinity for owls! Can surprise you, can be random, definitely has an addictive nature!
Smart in a noticeable way, witty when it matters, will have you wondering how delicious she tastes, and whether she goes well with syrup or honey (whip cream optional).
Special (and not the slow bus kind of way), Unique and one of a kind.
Basically, A BAMF.
Type of individual who captures your attention the second you see her eyes, and that's all it takes.
Little known fact: Celene's are birds *capable* of flight. Unlike the lesser known Cici's which are flightless birds.
Josh: I didn't even realize it but I'm crushing on this girl.... I mean I'm crushing on her bad.... All I can do is think about this girl! She's amazing!
Derreck: How amazing?
Josh: Most-amazing-person ever kind of amazing!
Derreck: Celene type of amazing?
Josh: OMFG dude! YES ANNNND That's her name!!!
Derreck: Figures...
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Celene is hott, Like a stripper, but not, she is my wife and I'LL kick your ass if you get near her.. And another definition of Celene is, (Hot/ horny /crazy girls)
Celene makes me horny...
by Cow March 22, 2004
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X out I'm going to kick your ass part, Its a hott girl that you don't see every day that makes you want to jack off right on the spot..
by Cow March 22, 2004
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The nicest girl ever, naturally pretty. Has the most contagious smile, and is possibly the greatest friend to have. Anyone that is friends with her is lucky to have her in their life. She doesn't realize how good of a person she truly is, and is definitely under appreciated. But loves compliments. o and has a dark side, bc shell fuck u up if u hurt her or her friends.
Celene, what a champ.
by Lexington Stealflex August 30, 2011
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