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Adorable 4 legged furry creature that will cure your loneliness and all of life's problems.
All puppies must be treated with compassion and a comfortable couch in the case of my puppy.
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by A Human Male August 08, 2018
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Puppies are cute little things. They like to play and have fun well most of them. Puppies and dogs are both awesome
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by Mangeldash May 19, 2018
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A nickname for cute boys around your age. Don't be fooled by their cuteness, for they are hoe ass thotties who just want some pussy.
Tata: If Puppy ignores me one more time I swear to god I'm gonna snap...

Bunny: Don't worry about him. He's a hoe.
by April 18, 2019
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A small, cute dog. People enjoy puppies because they're cute and playful, but after about three weeks they've grown into full-size dogs who knock stuff over and take dumps on your furniture.
Damn it Harold, your puppy just took a shit on my Barcalounger.
by C++ February 10, 2005
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1. A very cute, young, fuzzy, typically small and playful dog.
2. Referring to an object.
3. (Slang) A very attractive girl who attracts guys by whining.
1. Nothing is cuter, sweeter, or snugglier than a puppy. =)
2. That's one fast puppy!
3. The new girl on my street is a puppy.
by Someone, March 09, 2006
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