a lady who smells like horseradish and oatmeal. A Russian word orginated by a toothless tramp who couldnt afford tampons.
OMG, do you smell that? Theres definately a coot around.
by Jessicaisfuckingawesome Mary January 05, 2005
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(slang)- of great shock value.

See definition #8

Commonly used in conjunction with "dang" and "night" for more emotional emphasis.
8 Dollars? Coot night that's like a dollar an hour!

(after taking a shot of liquor) Coooooooooooot dang that hits hard!

Cooooooooooooot night that cop is pulling me over!

Coooooooooot dang my wife wants me to stop drinking and go home.
by Turd_Ferguson_Poops February 28, 2009
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Variation of the word Cute.
Used in a sort of baby talk way and paired with mispellings of other words.

-Trademarked by Zeea Darling
"Aww dat kitty ish so coot!"
by Zeea Darling August 25, 2009
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The action of a woman cumming. A man skeets, a woman coots.
"I want you to fuck me 'til I coot."
by Amanda :* April 30, 2007
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a hot guy. the male equivelent of biddy.
girl, there were MAD coots at that party last night
by hey girl hey alli b August 22, 2008
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