a meanie name for ickypoo old men
look at those hairs in his ears! he's an old coot!
by minderella January 09, 2005
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Someone incredibly stupid or that has done something really foolish.
Friend: Yeah, i fell down those stairs because i didn't tie my shoe laces.
Other: Man, you're such a coots!
by Zen march January 24, 2012
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The root word of "cooter" which refers to a woman's vagina.
Ever since I slept with John, my coot has been itchin' somethin' fierce!
by Adam Rothchild May 22, 2004
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Another word for cute. A cuter way of saying cute. Usually used among couples and best friends.
Jenny is so coot.
We are so coot.
Don't they look like a coot couple?
by The deadly mango (eden) April 02, 2014
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This word simply means a puss-puss. But with a twist, it smells like sushi and toe-jam.
by mollee:) July 24, 2019
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When your bae is really cute and so amazing and really really really hot
"Omg babe you're lookin' coot today"
by 813.alyssa February 26, 2018
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