Like 'fuck' and 'shit'

Little boy: Fuck!
Little girl: Omg you said a bad word!
by Squishy Bawls July 22, 2008
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Bad words are the thing your mom won’t let you say because they are disrespectful and she carried you and that means you have to be nice
Jimmy said a bad word and his mom shoved soap down his throat, don’t say bad words
by GoofeyGoober14 April 8, 2020
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Under US law, bad words bypass the first amendment. It is a cause for execution.
Timmy: Heck you

FBI Agent: Hello, Timmy. Don’t say bad words around here.
by CultistOfJimmy November 8, 2018
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A word that is unacceptable in any school or home environment.
Guy1: You are such a (Explicit)!!
Guy2: And you just said a Bad word.
Math Teacher: Michael I need to see you after class.
by TheToxicChad February 11, 2014
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Words that are said in order to make someone or something look or feel bad. Cursing is a type of bad word usage.
1)That fucking whore stole my boyfriend.If he doesn't dump her within the next 3 days and go back to me, I think I'll loose my damn head. I'll say so many bad words to her, that bitchy head of hers I will flip!
by Linda Bobbers August 25, 2006
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Ass,Nigga,Fuck, Bitch,Pussy,Dick,Crap,Shit,Vagina,Penis,Asshole,
You The bad word is a frim language which you only use if angry
by Bic Pencils December 12, 2018
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