1-with all or many of the usual or expected characteristics

2-sometimes used to express annoyance
- Look at that dude. He's black!!
- He's a typically HipHop music fan

When a bitch starts talking about mariage, her prick, typically, tries to change the subject.
by holden_C August 8, 2006
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The word woman use to describe their displeasure and contempt for anything a male could do, would do, will do, or should do in order to please their partner.A woman never explains what is "typical", it just covers every sin known to man.
Dave. "Hello dear. I fixed the blocked drain, paid those bill's you left on the table, took your dog for a walk and ironed you a new blouse for work. I didn't get time to build the Ikea entertainment unit you bought but can I do that after I come back from the pub?"

Stella. "typical"
by Lubnut January 26, 2006
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What happens at the end of any Marquette basketball game when they play a reputable team. Generally involves coming within 3 points in the final seconds and then failing to take/make a shot.
Guy 1: Marquette lost to Vanderbilt by 1 point! With 2 seconds left Darius Johnson-Odom just sort of... tripped.

Guy 2: Well that is Typical.
by MU_Wallydoodle December 30, 2011
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When someone close to you is constantly acting up. Usually they will deny it if you call them out for being typical.
Leandro was acting typical by constantly making fun of everyone else.
by Leobear January 28, 2017
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Allseen, commonplace, common, general, generic
Billy: He is wacking that dog with a stick

Tom: Typical Red Rocket Trick
by larstait October 17, 2003
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Used by all Maryvale girls graduated in 2004(and eventually any person that knows them) to describe any and all person, places, things, events, emotions, and luck of the draw to express certain sarcasm or agitation, boredem, jealousy, loathing, and other negative feelings. Term coined by mastermind Olivia Garrish. Abbreve: tYp
Olivia: What are you doing tonight?
Bethany: Hanging out with Pat.
Olivia: Ohh, tYpical.
by assley May 5, 2005
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1.Daniella Magallon

2. having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.
1. Lorena: Your such a daniella !

Yselle: Bitch !

Lorena: fuck you bitch, you can walk your ass home!

2. Yselle: hey , do you like this sweater ?

Daniella: it's typical

Yselle: Do you like it though?

Daniella: it's typical
by BasicBitch November 20, 2013
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